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Handicap Steering Wheel Knob

handicap steering wheel knob

    steering wheel
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Accused of parking the library van in a handicapped spot! AS IF!

Accused of parking the library van in a handicapped spot! AS IF!

I was driving the library van when we stopped in for lunch at McDonalds. I found out the next day that someone called the city and reported me as parking in a Handicapped spot! AS IF!I went back today and took pictures. That blue line is to keep vehicles from parking to close to the sidewalk! As you can see in the photo, the blue markings extend all along the side of the McDonalds!

Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking

Very illegal parking in a handicap zone spotted at an Exxon station on Wisconsin Avenue, just north of Van Ness Street in Washington, DC.

View in large size if you want to see the sign close up, which reads: "Penalty: $100 - $500 sign."

handicap steering wheel knob

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