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Microwave Egg Poacher Directions. Microwave Oven Reviews 2011. Microwave Frequency Chart.

Microwave Egg Poacher Directions

microwave egg poacher directions

    egg poacher
  • A poached egg is an egg that has been cooked by poaching, that is, in water. No oil or fat is used in its preparation.

  • A course along which someone or something moves

  • The course that must be taken in order to reach a destination

  • (direction) the spatial relation between something and the course along which it points or moves; "he checked the direction and velocity of the wind"

  • (direction) a general course along which something has a tendency to develop; "I couldn't follow the direction of his thoughts"; "his ideals determined the direction of his career"; "they proposed a new direction for the firm"

  • A point to or from which a person or thing moves or faces

  • (direction) a line leading to a place or point; "he looked the other direction"; "didn't know the way home"

  • cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the leftovers"

  • An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.0010.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation. Microwaves are used in radar, in communications, and for heating in microwave ovens and in various industrial processes

  • a short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter than radio waves); used for radar and microwave ovens and for transmitting telephone, facsimile, video and data

  • kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food

microwave egg poacher directions - Trudeau Microwave

Trudeau Microwave Double Egg Poacher

Trudeau Microwave Double Egg Poacher

The Trudeau 2-Cup Silicone Egg Poacher is a quick and easy way to poach eggs. Just lightly grease (the first time) cups, add eggs and pop in the microwave. Breakfast in a matter of moments! The natural non-stick properties of silicone allow for easy release and clean up. Heat resistant to 500 F. Dishwasher safe. 5 year warranty.

Fashioned from silicone for heat-resistance and easy use, this egg poacher from Trudeau turns out expertly poached eggs with minimal effort. Safe in the microwave or in a pan of water on the stovetop, the piece has two sides to hold two eggs at a time. Its secure lid lets out steam while retaining heat and let you monitor cooking easily. In addition to being heat-resistant to 500 degrees F, the poacher's silicone materials are lastingly nonstick so eggs cook with little or no grease and release without a fight. Cleanup is simple by hand or in the dishwasher. Trudeau includes a five-year warranty and also offers a single-egg version of this design. --Emily Bedard

83% (12)

122109 Holiday Tradition

122109 Holiday Tradition

This year the neighbor gift was an Eggs Benedict "kit." I included a microwave egg poacher, english muffins, Hollandaise sauce packet, directions, and a personalized note. Eggs Benedict has been a family tradition for us for the last several years to cook on Christmas (and Thanksgiving or any other holiday or special occassion). I am actually kind of proud of myself. I think it came together well and people seemed to like it.

Egg in cupcake mold in the pot

Egg in cupcake mold in the pot

Dad's ?? bantam chickens have started to lay eggs.
Small eggs from small chickens :)

I decided to poach them in Julia's sillicone cupcake molds to prevent the eggs from dispersing in the water. You can also get sillicone egg poachers with rounded bottoms from the kitchen shops, but I think the fluted cupcake molds aren't bad looking.

The bantam eggs were very fresh and the yolks were rich and yellow!

microwave egg poacher directions

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