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Gotovo isto?!

Kemičar i sličnosti.

Biološki sustavi su kemijski u osnovi.
Samo zato što je nešto slično, ne znači da je isto. A ako nije isto, kako to da se nastojimo ponašati kao da je?

I thought of another moral, more down to earth and concrete, and I believe that every militant chemist can confirm it: that one must distrust the almost-the-same (sodium is almost he same as potassium, but with sodium nothing would have happened, the practically identica, the approximate, the or-even, all surrogates, and all patchwork. The difference can be small, but they can lead to radically different consequences, like a railroad's switch points; the chemist's trade consists in good part in being aware of these differences, knowing them close up, and foreseeing their effects. And not only the chemist's trade."
— Primo Levi (The Periodic Table)

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