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STRAWBS - Live At The BBC, Vol.1 - In Session (2010)

Strawbs (or The Strawbs) are an English rock band founded in 1964. Although the band started out as a bluegrass group they eventually moved on to other styles such as folk rock, glam rock and progressive rock. They are best known for their hit Part of the Union, which reached number two in the UK charts in February 1973, and for touring with Supertramp in their Crime of the Century Tour, doing their Hero and Heroine Tour, which drew musical similarities and themes.

Digitally remastered collection that combines all of their BBC sessions onto one disc for the first time. It charts their rise to success and contains In Session versions of tracks from both their Folk and Prog rock periods. Having worked the underground folk clubs of the 1960s the Strawbs became pioneers of the early '70s Prog Rock scene, uniquely merging the two scenes together. They enjoyed critical and commercial success and played with some of the finest members of both scenes including Sandy Denny and Rick Wakeman. -

01. The Battle 02. Poor Jimmy Wilson 03. That Which Was Once Mine 04. Another Day 05. We'll Meet Again Sometime 06. Canon Dale 07. Song Of A Sad Girl 08. The Hangman And The Papist 09. Witchwood 10. Benedictus 11. New World 12. Tomorrow 13. Is It Today Lord 14. Heavy Disguise 15. New World 16. Here It Comes 17. Lady Fuchsia 18. Part Of The Union 19. The Winter And The Summer


STRAWBS - Live At The BBC, Vol.2 - In Concert (2010)

The first disc begins with a 1971 concert at the Paris Theatre in London. Band members are-Dave Cousins and Tony Hooper-vocals and guitars, Rick Wakeman-keyboards, John Ford-bass/vocals, and Richard Hudson-drums/vocals. This concert is a perfect example of the band moving from pure folk, with Cousins' plaintive voice and acoustic guitar arrangements ("Martin Luther King"), to folk-rock ("A Glimpse of Heaven"), to more progressive sounds ("R.M.W."-hmmm, I wonder whose initials they are ?), a solo spotlight for Wakeman, who was soon to join YES. But the band was capable of playing pure folk (the banjo led "When You Wore A Tulip"), and then playing a long progressive sounding song like "Sheep" with no problem. The 1973 concert shows the band had moved on with a true rock band sound (with the addition of rock orientated Dave Lambert replacing Tony Hooper), making good use of Blue Weaver's keyboards. The guitars now were primarily electric, and the rhythm section (especially Hudson's drums which have been pushed forward) kept to a stricter rock sound, which pushed the songs along in a stronger fashion. The band consisted of Cousins, Lambert-vocals/guitars, Weaver-keyboards, Ford-bass/vocals, and Hudson-drums/vocals. Evidence that the band didn't take themselves to seriously can be heard in the song "Bovver Blues", sung by Hudson. The final concert, from 1974, has a revamped band, with several new members, including Cousins, Lambert, John Hawken-keyboards, Chas Cronk-bass/vocals, and Rod Coombes-drums. This is the band that forged a more progressive, harder sound that they would take to America and relative fame. Tracks like "Lay Down", "Just Love", "Hero and Heroine", and another rendition of "New World" show the band in a harder rocking style that they would continue refining for a number of years.

Paris Theatre, London, 05/08/1971 01. The Hangman And The Papist 02. Martin Luther King's Dream 03. A Glimspe Of Heaven 04. Witchwood 05. In Amongst The Roses 06. R.M.W. 07. The Flower And The Young Man 08. Fingertips 09. The Shepherd's Song 10. When You Wore A Tulip 11. Sheep Paris Theatre, London, 25/03/1973 12. New World 13. Tears / Pavan 14. Stormy Down 15. The Hangman And The Papist 16. Benedictus

DISC 2: Paris Theatre, London, 25/03/1973 01. Heavy Disguise 02. Bovver Blues 03. The River / Down By The Sea 04. The Winter And The Summer 05. Part Of The Union 06. Lay Down Golders Green Hippodrome, 11/04/1974 07. New World 08. Lay Down 09. Autumn 10. Tears / Pavan 11. Just Love 12. Out In The Cold / Round And Round 13. Hero And Heroine 14. The River / Down By The Sea 15. Lay A Little Light On Me


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