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Shadow of the Black Sun

Inch by a steady inch
I move on in discontent
Betrayed and condemnd.
From courtyard to boneyard
Without one final wish.
Bruises that itch,
Wounds wide open
As there was no use
From the butcher's stich.
No songs are being sung
For this castaway
No tears are being shead.

Loathsome scene of beauty
As they gift me to the gallows.
Forgiveness is not given
To the wreached ones
Nor is any kindness shown
To those who know.
So i break the treaty
With this petty kin
Now it is not my future
That is looking dim
For I'm shadow
That can't be changed
Laying here, chanting
As silent as feather
Magic that takes
All in to the ether
By now they know
Spell was true to the letter

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