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Evo vracan se nakon dugo vremena, iman puno pisama u pripremi samo ih moram otipkat...a to je tlaka...evo jedna nova, dosta kraca od vecine novih, al vidi se bit.


I dig my way from grave to be slave, again.
On this last quest goes all or nothing
No i won't accept simple something.
I am deleting every program in my head,
Going on a lunatic quest, I choose my path today...

People say friendship, say family, say happiness
I will trow it all away, this very day
For the truth is all i care.
There is no slavery for me, again.

I have my I and see with my eyes, your lies,
Know my soul shall never die,
Keep living today to be stronger another day
On my own way....

Post je objavljen 17.11.2008. u 22:56 sati.