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- Love is a leap of faith -

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Always the same qoestion...
What is love? Do you see it? Can you touch it?
but no answers.
There are only signs that can tell you
is that something you feel... special
The only one who can show you the way
is your heart.
No one can run from his heart,
so it's better to listen what it is telling you.
And no surprise will hit you on your back...

There is one thing that can always
show you someones feelings...
the look in their eyes.
Eyes are the mirror of the soul.
Eyes are the traitor which reveal your secrets,
your wounds, your heartbeats...
But sometimes their are the only thing
that can help you see the world which you like,
and not the one that really exist.

Life is a funny thing...
There are times you can't stop the river of life.
Dreams can come true, all of them.
But ones that don't...
the reason is because people have the fear of failure.
Every little thing that you put on your list to do...
is performable.
Life is interesting.
You have dreams that need to be realized,
And that gives a meaning to our lifes.

Even in sadnes and evil,
life is just a big circle
that has to be closed one day..
It only depends on the person
how big that circle is.
The things that are the most unusual
Are the most simple ones...

When you have dreams,
World is in conspiracy
that you make them all come true.
The truth is...
You can accept the things
Only when you first renounce them
with your whole soul!

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