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Tribute 2 Brian Deneke

Brian Deneke was murdered
on December 12, 1997
-He was 19 years old-
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Brian did not die because he deserved to. Brian did not die because he asked to. Brian died because he was different. He was a nonconformist. He was an Individualist. He was a free spirit. Brian was also a thoughtful and caring young man, a good son, a good friend. His life was full of promise. His murder deprived this community of someone who had already begun to make a difference to it and no doubt would have made an even greater difference in the future. Brian Deneke is gone. His death has left a divided city, a shocked city, a hurt city in its wake. It has also left us a memory of who Brian was and what he stood for. That memory can serve either a negative purpose or a positive one.

We want to let our memory of Brian and what he stood for serve a positive purpose. To that end, we have organized the Brian Deneke Memorial Committee. We believe that his memory, and this committee, can serve the following goals:

-To encourage tolerance, dialog, and civilized respect for different lifestyles and perspectives in this community

-To see that justice is done through the legal system

-To discourage violence and prevent acts of retaliation

-To actually support the victims of this crime.

and pictures will say almost everything..

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