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Grim Reaper - Rock You to Hell (1987)

Line up:
Vocals: Steve Grimmett
Guitar: Mick Bowcott
Bass: Dave Wankeen
Drums: Mark Simon

This album was released in 1987. That was importat year cause i was born then also (lol).
To fans of the NWOBHM, if you are in the market for classic stuff, this is a great addition to any collection. You get all the great hooks and riffs from the last two albums with stronger and less repetitive choruses and the best production job ever. I personally will be thanking God for the next few decades for Spitfire’s invaluable efforts at keeping the older sound of heavy metal alive and strong.

Track list:

1. Rock You To Hell 04:01
2. Night of the Vampire 03:45
3. Lust for Freedom 04:26
4. When Heaven Comes Down 04:23
5. Suck It And See 02:34
6. Rock Me Til I Die 04:43
7. You'll Wish That You Were Never Born 04:06
8. Waysted Love 04:18
9. I Want More 04:52
Total playing time 37:14

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