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Grim Reaper - See you in Hell (1983)

One of my favorite bends ever. I also have nickname GrimReaper :)
Lyrical theme(s):
Defiance, Darkness, Women, Beasts, Battle
Released by Ebony in the UK in late '83 (Ebon 16). It was licensed to RCA in
'84 for US consumption (NFL1-8038)

Later reissued on one disc with the Fear No Evil full-length.

this album is about as perfect as can be. I wish the band were still together, as this would be killer materiel for a live show!

Line up:

Vocals: Steve Grimmett
Guitar: Mick Bowcott
Bass: Dave Wankeen
Drums: Lee Harris

1. See You in Hell 04:18
2. Dead on Arrival 04:33
3. Liar 02:48 [view lyrics]
4. Wrath of the Ripper 03:13
5. Now or Never 02:52
6. Run For Your Life 03:41
7. The Show Must Go On 06:53
8. All Hell Let Loose 04:24
Total playing time 32:42

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