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Eto, vratih se u nedjelju(bijah na skijanju u Austriji cijeli tjedan)i ponovno škola.Trebali bi nas barem dva ili tri dana još pustiti(za one Hrvate što su bili na skijanju i ostale,naravno)praznike i onda posao(u ovom slučaju škola)....
No sad je vrijeme za malo anime stvari,otišla ja na yamin blog(malo razgledavanja)te otišla na quizillu i riješila kviz:

bordercolor="#006633" border="1" bgcolor="#003300"> eto sad moram ići.sayonara

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What is your element? [with pics + detailed answeres]

Your element is Wind. You are the guy/girl that is unpredictable. No one knows what you're going to do next and what you're in the mood for. Studying is not your thing and you would rather go to a party than stay home. Life is just for fun and you need to be free to live according to you. You waste no time on lies, if you feel or think one thing you say it even if it hurts. Of course, people may be quite upset but that doesn't really bother you. It's not that you don't care, because you do, but in these situations it's a waste of time. You live up in the clouds and are quite a dreamer about life. People often consider you beautiful, but harsh and they would think twice before getting to know you. But once they do, they'll learn that you are always willing to take yourself and your friends on adventures. Never will it be a boring time with you and your friends appreciate that. You are not often seen sad, but you have your times. If someone has been mean to you, you can quite easily trash-talk them for betraying you. Nevertheless, you are most of the time a good spirit who just want to have some fun.
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