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Trenutačno sam bila toliko zaokupljena narutom da sam zaboravila na blog ali ima još jedan razlog, a to je da sam vidjela trailer za jedan anime koji je o anđelima(i love it i love it i love it)pa vam prekopirah tekst(malo ga preradih ali svejedno je na engleskom)
Hatching :: Kabuki ::

Na početku Haibane Renmei, the viewer is thrust into a world of mystery, where winged humans are born from eggs and live the lives of outcasts from a city that is caged in by a giant wall. These initial mysteries are then shrouded by other mysteries, pulling the viewer into a world where everything seems equal to our own except for these few inaccuracies. Haibane Renmei takes the viewer deeper into this world, telling a story about the lives of the Haibane and the wondrous world they live in, of the beauty of their place in life, and of the sadness they are doomed to confront.

Haibane and their story :: Karii ::

Kukuljica se pojavila na Haibane groblju, Old Home. The inhabitants of Old Home are called Haibane and no one is quite sure if they are humans with wings or if they are angels. The Haibane all get a halo the day they are born, it doesn't come with them from the cocoon, but it also mystically floats above their head once it is given to them. The newest arrival is named Rakka, (which means falling/descent) and the other Haibane introduce her to life at Old Home. The town where the Haibane live is also populated by a large amount of humans but everyone is enclosed there by a wall around the city that no one can venture out of, save the birds that fly in the sky.

The Haibane at old home sastoji se od ovih likova:
There is Reki, majčinska figura; Nemu, tih, odgovoran; Hikari, the cheerful helper; Kana the tomboy; and Kuu, the youngest of the 'adult' group of Haibane. They all have very distinct personalities, although they all get along (for the most part). Together, they teach Rakka how to live and work in the town as well as some specific rituals that they have to follow. The series follows Rakka one year from her birth and although it is a short time, a remarkable amount of things happen during that time.
KOmENTIRAM sutra jer me mama tjera na večeru
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