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jutarnje buđenje

sad je upravo 8 i nešto u subotu ujutro(zašto koji je meni da tako rano pišem post?! nema veze)
i opet slušam tu pjesmu iz prijašnjeg posta (i mislim da je to na engleskom)ali bit je u tome da imam jednu jako sličnu na sestrinom mp3u a zove se butter sea iz arjune(mislim da ima njermačkog engleskog i japanskog,ali to se ne može utvrditi jer tolko nerazgovjetno(ali lijepo,služi za uspavljivanje),nisam je našla u radio blog nešto 'pa sad ne možete usporediti.
stavih strangers od wolfs raina(preekrasno)
A sad da vam opišem novi anime(oav) koji se zove Le portrait de petit cossette(opet ja engleski)ak vam se čita,čitajte!^_^

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette je priča o dečku koji se zaljubi u duha.
Eiri Kurahashi is a boy who works in an antiquity shop and one day, he found a series of antique object from Europe. For some reason, he is fascinated by these objects, especially by a venetian glass cup which seems to contains the spirit of a young girl, Cossette d’Auvergne, whose pretty but sad face will obsess Eiri to a point where he will be able to give his life for her. Then we learn that Cossette was violently murdered by her lover (Marcello Orlando) two hundred years ago because he wanted his fiancée, of which he used to paint the portrait, to remain as young and as beautiful as she was then. All the objects that witness the murder captured the soul of the young girl and, full of anger, waited centuries for revenge. That time finally came when Eiri fell in love with Cossette and accepted the Pact of Blood that was offered to him. Then, his body received the soul of Mercello and the retribution for the brutal murder of Cossette was able to start…
Now, lets say it strait away, Le Portrait de Petit Cossette is pretty fucked up material. It is weird and violent. The blood flow in huge amount during the three episodes of this OAV and the imagery is often grotesque but certainly quite beautiful. The cinematography may remind Serial Experiments Lain even though Cossette is much more Gory. Oh, and I have to say that this show contains one of the best depiction of Hell I’ve seen… Pretty scary stuff if you ask me. The story, while somewhat confusing, is centred on Eiri and his struggle to free Cossette’s soul from the anger that inhabit her and the discover of the true nature of that soul. Yes, you should never trust a furious soul because the price to pay may be much higher than you’d be willing to pay!
There is no comic relief in this show and no uplifting message, simply the anger of a young girl who was murdered by her lover and who seeks revenge for that. I can’t talk about Cossette without mentioning the great soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura which gives a surreal feeling to the OAV.(soundtrac kojeg imam i prekrasan je) Definitely, she’s at her best when scoring the darkest shows! Preporučujem da pogledate iako je prekratkoSorry kaj je na engleskomFree Image Hosting at

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