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Dead Boy's Poem

"If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it
Remember only the verse, songmaker's cry the one without tears
For I've given this it's strenght and it has become my only strenght
Comforting home, mother's lap, chance for immortality
Where being wanted became a thrill I never knew
The sweet piano writing down my life"

"Teach me passion for I fear it's gone
Show me love, hold the lorn
So much more I wanted to give to the ones who love me
I'm sorry
Time will tell - (this bitter farewell)
I live no more to shame nor me nor you
Oh, I wish I didn't feel for you anymore..."


Ovo nije potpuna pjesma, napisala sam samo riječi koje izgovara taj dečec. greedy
Tu pjesmu držim već godinama iznad radnog stola, otkad sam kupila taj cd Nightwisha "Wishmaster".
Svakako poslušati..
Bokeec ... naughty

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