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avangarde terorrism

avangarde terorism is here
to kill your child in avangarde way
to rape your mother and piss on your father
to destroy your life and destroy your mind
to brake every thing you love
to make you hate love and every thing you love

avangarde terorism is here

this is the way you will live
like petetic luzer
you are nothing
you are insult for idiots and retards

kill your self x4

there is no one to help you
your life is like shit
whit price zero

avangarde terorism will destroy you

there no one to love you
becouse you are luzer

ispricavam se na gramatickim pogreskama
ja sam retardiran stoga neznam pisat engleski
by: vukohod

Post je objavljen 24.05.2006. u 10:56 sati.