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Disco Assassins

Kill kill kill kill
Kill kill kill kill
Kill kill kill kill

Go inside, and drop a fucking bomb
Acid or poison gass will do to
Just let it out through ventilation
And you've done to this world favour

Place full of worst sluts
Of mongoloid macho guys

When I say to them
that their dick is bigger
than their brain
They think it's a compliment

Kill that vermin, split them open
So that everybody can see they're full of shit
Hipocratic, stupid youth with no brain
They kill all others who aren't lame as them

We're disco assassins, and we laugh when they die
Burn their shiny clothes wile they're still in it
Pompose asshole goddamn whores I'll cut off their tits
Closeminded homosapiens, your mind doesn't go further...

Then how to satisfy your dick!!!
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tortan diskvalificiran
mali od palube moze oped igrat

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