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I Will Try To Kill Anybody Who Wears Fur


Stupid fashion homo fags and dried out old bitches
I will fucking kill you if I see you on streets
Wearing fur and fucking smiling covered with corpses
You want to look nice and rich so little beings must be killed

Some complain it's cruel to throw paint on stars in fur
I say that's pussy way, we should kill them off on streets

They fucking defend themselves that if they must
Stop wearing fur, anybody should also stop eating meat
They say it like it's same to kill to fucking live
And kill so that gay designers can make rags for rich bitches!!!

Murdering with gass, skinning them alive
Breaking of necks, sticking bars in ass
And frying them on two hundred watts
No, this is not Cannibal Corpse song!

Deen - just fucking kill him
Mia Begović - just fucking kill her
Tony Rico - just fucking kill him
Vlatka Pokos - just fucking kill her

Animals deserve living more than humans
'Couse they kill in need, not for prestige or fun
Everybody interested in teroristic acts against'em
Come to fucking Ribnjak and try to contact me

ullgulluumovci su osječajni

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