iphone postcard app

Everybody goes on vacations and what do we do when we go on vacation? No I am not referring to getting drunk and driving a motorcycle on the beach, I am talking about everyone's favourite pastime - Taking pictures.

It's a fact that today, more vacation pictures are taken with phone cams and iPads than actual digital cameras. It's simply a worldwide trend. Jane, whose on vacation in Spain takes a picture and within minutes that picture has been uploaded on her Facebook, sent to her WhatsApp contacts and has already been re-tweeted 5 times.

This reminds me of the good 'ol days. The time when people would go on vacations and painstakingly hunt for the perfect picture postcard to send to their loved ones back home? Wouldn't it be utterly charming if you could do that in today's age too? 'But where do I find a postcard in an age where the postal services are ready to shut shop?' I hear you ask.

Well the guys at IDIPAP solutions thought of it already and made an iPhone postcard app called PostCard Plus. The whole idea is very simple really. You take pictures of your vacation and the app allows you to send one or more of the pictures as a real postcard to your loved ones.

While the app comes free on the app store, they do charge you for the fee involved in printing and sending off your post card. The whole process is really simple.

1- You select a picture that you want to send as a postcard

2- Select a postcard template from the wide range that PostCard Plus provides

iphone postcard app

3-Write your message

4- Enter the address or the recipient or select a contact from your address book

iphone postcard app

5- You're Done!

To make it personal you are able to add your signature by drawing it on the touch screen interface. How cool is that!!

There you have it. No need to hunt for postcards or even buy stamps. While everybody else is busy posting their pictures on Facebook, your cool picture-postcard would already be on its way to brighten up the day of a loved one.

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