četvrtak, 15.01.2009.

Driving trough the night ...

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trough the grass and trough the snow, i will find my way to go
follow me now, and i just might show you how,
my heart can be broken, even if it's not open
living life in your dreams, is a part of moonlight beams
the words show me how, and i think i finally got it now
the devil in me opens a new prospective, a part of life objective
can u feel the salvation, or part of your imagination
and when your heart starts to bleed, then you know you're dead,
dead for real ...

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nedjelja, 09.11.2008.

Whatever I take it's the road I make, the road of life, make no mistake for me ...

meet me under the rain
in the middle of the street
meet me under the rain
when the drops keep falling down
meet me under the rain
even if it's cold and lonely outside
meet me under the rain
when I hide away from the world
meet me under the rain
cause I think you'll understand
meet me under the rain
and when you do
I'll dedicate this song to you

meet me under the rain ...

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They say we leave this world just the way we came into it... naked and alone.
so what if you were born as a twin, shall I die alone, or pull somebody down with me ...

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ponedjeljak, 29.09.2008.

And all your lies weren't enough to keep me here ...

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Tide me up with you soft hand
take all the pearls and throw them away,
follow me and I will kiss you,
you see, I feel sad when you're sad,
but if you only knew what I would do for you,
come closer so I can see your eyes,
bite my lips and stroke my hair,
let me be a part of you,

cause after all I'm just a man,
fragile like any other,
allow me to u'r dreams,
take me there and beyond,
let me discover,
pieces of your heart,
let me be,
part of your tale,
but for now let me,
just kiss you away ...

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