Whiskas cat food

četvrtak , 25.07.2013.

Whiskas is a popular cat food brand that is sold throughout the world. The brand is famous for the cat food that it supplies either in the form of meat pieces or dry biscuits. The company was started in the year 1936 with the name Kal Kan. In 1988, they decided to market the product throughout the world and renamed it to Whiskas. There are many products that are sold in the name Whiskas. The major ingredients of the cat foods are poultry, fish and beef. They are packed with three different types namely pouches, trays and dry foods.

All the food products provide the sufficient nutrition that is needed for a cat to remain healthy. There are 4 different dry food products and more than 20 varieties of wet foods. The company also manufactures food for the kittens so that they get the right nutrition for a perfect growth. Water should always be the important ingredient of a cat food and Whiskas always contain the required amount of water. So if you are in search of a best cat food, Whiskas stands right on top of the rankings. Buy the product to give the best food for your cat.

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