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SunBug Solar is a premier solar energy consulting and installation firm located in Somerville, Massachusetts and it has been designing and installing the solar electric and solar hot water systems for businesses, residents, and various non-profits organizations. It is known to offer solar panels for small businesses, community organizations, schools and home owners.

The monthly costs are equivalent or less than the electric costs.

The attractive solar lease program offered by SunBug for the installation of solar panels for small businesses and houses of worship includes no down payments.

For more information regarding solar panels for small businesses and houses of worship, visit sunbugsolar. If you would like to talk in person then simply take the free solar analysis to identify which solar panel is accurate for your organization. In Massachusetts, there are already many state programs supported by the state government that make solar panels for small businesses a strong financial investment. The awareness regarding environmental issues and government incentives to those who opt for this energy efficient plan has resulted in a large number of homes and business owners opt for these solutions and now the company has roped in faith-based organizations that are fast turning energy efficient as a bid to save the plant.

SunBug Solar is a solar energy consulting and service company that is locally owned and operated. Taking this opportunity for growth into consideration, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light and SunBug Solar have come together to develop a program to introduce solar to the various faith-based organizations situated across the According to the program, the faith-based organizations can own the solar systems for only 20 percent of the original cost after ten years. Simply fill out a Free Solar Evaluation form and they will get in touch to discuss the project. However, there are a few requisites such as best electric bike reviews the roof of the building should be in good condition, with about 1400 sq ft of pitched roof area or approximately 1600 sq ft of flat roof space.

This is a noble effort between two companies to promote solar solutions in the faith based organizations situated across Massachusetts. The main objective of SunBug is to spread solar adoption across the state, which is why they have partnered with MIP&L and HEET to develop this program. Their procedure features precision, feasibility, affordability, and great execution by experts. The solar panels offered by SunBug Solar feature the highest reliability and highest efficiency on the planet. The procedure to participate in the solar program involves contacting SunBug for a free evaluation analysis at sunbugsolar.

Besides offering solar panels for small businesses, SunBug has now collaborated with Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light, HEET to enable them to install solar panels in order to gear the world towards a more sustainable future.

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