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HTC Touch Pro2 Gets Its First Reasonable Price Tag, Courtesy of ...

HTC Touch Pro2 Gets Its First Reasonable Price Tag, Courtesy of ...

Beginning Friday, the HTC Touch Pro2 will be available for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement on a voice plan with an e-mail feature or e-mail plan. verizon htc touch pro2 2 Verizon Wireless ...

Rob Perks — Sep 9 2009 12:02 PM. Anyone planning to cancel Verizon service should definitely let the company know why. Send an email to the CEO: ...

The new data pricing gives Verizon Wireless customers more freedom to select how much data and the type of data they want to use. Samsung Rogue customers who want to check e-mail; surf the Web; and download applications, ...

Send a link to this post #Nokia Twist In All Its Pivoting Glory Heads to Verizon for $100# via email: Your Name: Please enter your name. Your Email Address: Please enter your email address. Please enter a valid email address. ...

The overall cost was about the same as Sprints new $70 plan if you doubled it, except that I did not choose any text options and I won#t get the other Verizon services. That isn#t real important to me. The email from Verizon is push, ...

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