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petak, 19.01.2018.

What Setups Are Effective Of PoE Hungry Loop

In Path of Exile, what setups are effective of the Hungry Loop? The Hungry Loop hype was before Shaper Elder item was revealed, the ring gives you a 5L skill, Shaper Elder item can give you a 6L skill, maybe only the socket hungry builds like traps and summoner would go for that now, or if someone wants to do a niche build.

In the Hungry Loop you run a Golem setup with 5L or run the Golems in the Shaper Helm for Immolate and run 3-4 Golems with Clayshaper and the Golem Jewels, don't use Zombies but still run Animate Guardian for buffs. This gives 7-8 powerful Minions, Golems are great at trash clear but suffer on bosses that’s where Spectres come in. Spectres have no weakness apart from only having 4 of them, that’s where Golems come in.

Should be theoretically the highest minion dps available and also best map clear once setup - you could run the build right away on your Spectre Summoner by getting the golem jewels but you would lose min 3/8 jewel sockets, having a Shaper helm doesn't seem necessary.

You can make one for an Unearth totem to go along with your Cremation-Vacuum totem as a Chieftain with the Tukohama shield and Eye of Innocence/Mokou's while selfcasting Volatile Dead, works really well and frees up a full item of sockets.

Actually one of the league-specific builds that are really popular at the moment are abyss unique stacking ele builds, running tombfists, enthroned darkness, shroud of the lightless and possibly either the boots or the helm also. One problem these builds have is they have very few sockets.

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