srijeda, 25.08.2010.

I want to be that person you saw in me.

Someone once told me that the sun was above the clouds.
That person also told me I have coloured the streets he walked on with some special, beautiful colours.
He also told me that his mornings were smileful and that I was the only person who could hear his silence.

Now I can`t hear his silence.
I can`t colour his streets or make his mornings worth living for.
For his mind is always floating on some other shores.
For his absence is taking some parts of me.
Parts of me which will never come back.

We never were a plural. It was alway him. Or me. Never us.
I wanted it to change. I wanted to have him as much as he had me.
But that would never become the reality. Only an unfulfilled dream.
He is just out of reach for everyone who tries to stick by him.

Tell me, do you think I am ought to keep trying?
Do you think I sholud try to change it?
Do you think I should persuite his mind to become a part of his world?
I do think so.
As a matter a fact, I will keep trying until he tells me to stop.
Until he escapes forever.

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