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31.08.2006., četvrtak

Exploring emotional reactions to peak oil

"I searched the PO sites and the internet to find out more about the kind of feelings and reactions I was having. I found people talking about their own individual reactions to learning about PO. I’d hear people on sites say “Ya, I know, I went through the same thing when I first heard” and I’d think, “Yes, I did too,” but none of my colleagues were talking about it. In fact, as a psychologist, I know what my reaction might have been if a client began to describe ‘the end of the world as we know it’ and all the action they were taking, and I was ignorant of PO. Several diagnostic categories would fit neatly."

Exploring emotional reactions to peak oil by Kathy McMahon

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The change is here, the change is us.

Peak oil quotes:

What is Peak Oil?
Colin Campbell: "The term Peak Oil refers the maximum rate of the production of oil in any area under consideration, recognising that it is a finite natural resource, subject to depletion."

“Peak Oil is not a theory.”
Dr. Robert L. Hirsch, author of the Hirsch Report

Other quotes:

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." - Edward Abbey

"If it had been the purpose of human activity on earth to bring the planet to the edge of ruin, no more efficient mechanism could have been invented than the market economy." - Jeremy Seabrook

"Zemlja ne umire, nju ubijaju. A oni koji je ubijaju imaju ime i adresu."
Utah Phillips

“We won't have a society if we destroy the environment”
Margaret Mead

"I fail to understand why we all should participate in a global experiment to find out how many people the Earth can feed."
Paul Ehrlich

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."
Edmund Burke