Patented liquid modifier making

Unlike AGT™'s glow rock product that creates a star-like pattern in concrete, AGT™ Glow-Crete blankets the whole surface in a sensual after-glow. Glow-Crete has many interesting physical properties. It can be easily applied with a trowel, broom or even sprayed on. This non-toxic high-performance resurfacing system was specifically formulated to provide the longest & brightest glow scientifically possible. As well, Glow-Crete exhibits anti-skid properties and is both mold & mildew resistant. It is not mixed with water but alternatively with a patented liquid modifier making its surface water-proof and flexible. It has been our company's mission to assist Decorative Concrete, Terrazzo and Epoxy professionals in designing and producing the most unique, environmentally sustainable surfaces in the world. Universal One Corporation has just introduced the latest addition to their Ambient Glow Technology™ line of glow stone & glow sand aggregates - AGT Glow-Crete™.

Glow-Crete™ only requires 15 minutes of natural light exposure to provide 12+ hours of Aqua Blue or Sky Blue after-glow. According to company founder, Peter Tomé - "AGT Glow-Crete™ is the most powerful glow-in-the-dark cement-based overlay system in the world". Glow-Crete can be applied on China Hydraulic Cylinders stairs, curbs and walkways, pool decks, interior & exterior walls, docks and break-walls, steel structures - essentially any clean, oil-free surface.

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