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05.07.2006. 20:13

u pomankanju inspiracije i tuzi zbog danasnjeg pada ispita za samo 6 bodova
zahvaljujuci mojoj blentavoj smusenoj glavi koja ni prepisivat ne zna kak se
spada, evo nesto sto sam nekidan nacvrljila nakon duuugo vremena nepisanja..

at night, before sleep, when i'm lying in my bed,
i stare at the ceiling. and i can almost see my
halucinations. they flicker in the corner of my
eye, but i can't see them clearly. only await
with fear. the ceiling moves and i am risen
twards it, dismantled. TV shows the dishwasher
kissing the mobile phone, just waiting for their
stains to vanish. sunday is a day for movies.
am i in one? pick up the bad baggage. i've always
wanted a basset hound. kiss me, stupid. 5 Komentara | Print | # | ^

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I want your hair to cover me with
maps of new places. So that
everywhere I go will be as
beautiful as your hair.

~ Richard Brautigan

Eels - It's a motherfucker

it's a motherfucker
being here without you
thinking 'bout the good times
thinking 'bout the bad
and i won't ever be the same

it's a motherfucker
getting through a sunday
talking to the walls
just me again
but i won't ever be the same
i won't ever be the same

it's a motherfucker
how much i understand
the feeling that you need someone
to take you by the hand
and you won't ever be the same
you won't ever be the same