Bauer father: two years later, Lameello will be a free agent into the NBA

četvrtak , 07.09.2017.

Bauer father: two years later, Lameello will be a free agent into the NBA
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Laval - Bauer hope that his three sons can be effective for the Lakers, and now, Rango - Bauer in this year's draft to the second overall pick by the Lakers, Li Angelo - Bauer In this year became UCLA freshman. Laval's youngest son, Romero-Bauer, is only 16 years old. Not long ago, Lamelo launched a signature shoe, which made him the first high school student with his own signature shoe. The NCAA side said that if Lameelo profited for signature shoes, which could make him lose the qualification to enter the NCAA. Laval said in an interview that if Lameelo lost the qualification to enter the NCAA, then they still have plans to let Lameiro join the Lakers. "We also need to wait one or two years," Ravall said, and Lalelo only need to use this to two years to become faster and stronger, then he can be a free agent Participate in NBA training camp. You also see the performance of the 15-year-old, 16-year-old Lameello on the pitch, do not you think that at Lameelo's age of 17, 18 years old, he will be 10 times stronger than it is now? Everyone says Lameelo needs to increase weight, why? What you need is to become stronger, and nothing to do with weight, only about power. Raven's slam dunk contest: I have a few great dunks that do not show
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The two-time dunk champion Zach - Raven in the 2016-17 season suffered a cruciate ligament torn wounded, off the race he was traded to the Bulls. Lavin recently interviewed Phil Thompson, an interview with the Chicago Tribune, also talked about the previous dunk contest, as well as the future of the Bulls in the future. When talking about his expectations for the bulls, Raven said: "I understand that I have a greater responsibility, I understand that I need to embrace these, I know every time I set foot on the court when I need to prove to them I was never the top ten players, I have never been selected McDonald's All-Star Game, not the top five, in the university is not famous in the NBA even a year ago I was an unknown and hellip I know I can score, when there is a more important responsibility to add to me, I know I can do better things. "When it comes to adapting to the system of Hoylberg, Raven said:" It's a very good thing to be able to adapt to the Hoylberg coaching system. I can run, jump and be able to shoot and i can be someone else To create an offensive opportunity, in the Hoylberg system, I can create more vacancies, and compared to last season can have more time to hold the ball. "Talking about the expectations of the team, Raven said:" This is a bit of trouble with me and we can control their own goals, everyone is starting from 0 wins and 0. " Raven also talked about the dunk contest, talked about his rival Aaron - Gordon, many people said Gordon should win the game. "This statement does appear, many people think so. But that's the idea of someone else. "I can not ignore, I took the trophy back home, and I and Gordon have done a good dunk, we both will not be any of our dunk dissatisfied." "Raven said. Despite the serious injuries to the knee, but Raven does not rule out the possibility of their own return to the basket contest. "I still keep a few dunk did not show," Raven said, and I was going to get a good job last year before I was injured, and I might try it next year. As for the dunk contest, you never know what the future will be, I have a few dunk, especially to the new team new city, I know we look forward to see some new, interesting things. I have two dunks that people have not seen yet, but i have to come up with another three dunk, and gordon game you need to have five high quality dunk as this would be a very long game and i would keep a surprise , If I once again back to the dunk contest, I can give you continue to bring surprises. "Raven said.

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