Heat hopes next season by Josh - Richardson as the starting small forward _NBA-NBA News
According to "Miami Herald" reporter Barry Jackson reported that the Heat hope that Josh - Richardson can challenge Giusti - Winslow and Rodney - McGregor's starting Small forward position. Jackson says Winslow needs to recover from shoulder surgery, so it is likely not to be the starter. And for McGrud, although he has the opportunity to win for their own starting, but the Heat hope he played as a substitute. Although Richardson is only 1.98 meters tall, but the Heat last season, the best combination often contains three guards. "If Eric - Spohr Stella coach wants to play a small lineup, he can send three defender and let Winslow play power forward," said Pat Riley, general manager of the Heat, and "ldquo" No matter how he thinks, the core of a small lineup is attacking, and every player knows the way of playing in all positions. "Winslow can start to look at himself, he is a little affected by the wrist and shoulder injury. If he wants to start the case, may have to go all out to compete. The best thing about Spohr Stella's coach is that as long as the training camp starts, anyone can get the chance. "Last season, Richardson averaged 30.5 minutes to get 10.2 points and 3.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists; McGroud averaged 25.2 minutes to get 6.4 points and 3.3 rebounds and 1.6 assists; Winslow only played 18 times, field Are playing 34.7 minutes to get 10.9 points and 5.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists. Osman 15 points 4 board 5 help, the Turkish European Championship lost to Serbia _NBA-NBA news
In a previous European championship match, Serbia beat Turkey 80-74, their current group record of 2 wins and 1 loss, Turkey's record was 1 wins and 2 losses. From the king of the Serbian player Bogdan - Bogdanovic game play 32 minutes, 12 shots 6, get 17 points 4 rebounds and 2 assists a steal; Stefan Jovic get 15 points 4 rebounds 9 Assists 2 steals; Boban - Marianovic played 10 minutes, get 6 points and 2 rebounds. Turkey, the Cavaliers Chedi - Osman played 38 minutes in this game, 12 shots in 4, get 15 points 4 rebounds and 5 assists and 2 blocks; 76 players Fulkan - Kelkomaz play 32 minutes, Got 11 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists and one steal; MelihMahmutoglu got 19 of 1 assists.

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