srijeda , 30.08.2017.

Warriors official wish David - West happy birthday _NBA 18 NBA news
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NBA 18 Aug. 30 Today is the Warriors player David - West's 37th birthday, Warriors official Instagram released a picture (see news map) wish West happy birthday. "#DubNation, let us wish David - West happy birthday. "Warrior official wrote. 2016-17 season regular season, West for the Warriors played 68 games, averaging 12.6 minutes to get 4.6 points and 3.0 rebounds and 2.2 assists. Mutombo disaster area photo for Houston blessing _NBA 18 NBA news
NBA 18 Aug. 30 Today, the NBA fame Dickenbe-Mutombo has updated his Instagram and has published a disaster-stricken area to pray for Houston, a hurricane Harvey attack (see news map). "Pray for Houston, my friends." #HoustonStrong #houstonspirits @ Rocket @nbacares # 55 & rdquo; Mutombo wrote in Instagram. Mutombo career averaged 30.0 minutes to play, get 9.3 points 10.9 rebounds and 0.9 assists 2.57 blocks. Bulls official sun player training chart: has been training! _NBA 18 NBA news
NBA Today, the Bulls official updated the training of four bulls in Instagram (see the news map). & Ldquo; has been training! # Bulls' official "wrote the official in the Instagram. Bulls last season record of 41 wins and 41 losses, ranked eighth in the East, the first round was eliminated by the Celtics 4-2. McKinsey himself and Mayweather photo to congratulate its boxing career perfect ending _NBA 18 NBA news
NBA May 18, US boxer Mayweather had beaten UFC Irish player McGregor in a cross-border battle to draw a full stop for his boxing career. His career made 50 wins and 0 negative career record. Warrior player Javier McGee has released a photo of himself with Floyd Mayweather on social media today (see news map) and wrote: "Congratulations @ Mayweather, 50 wins and 0 losses." "McGee last season regular season play 9.6 minutes, you can get 6.1 points 3.2 rebounds 0.87 blocks. Blake - Griffin released offseason training photo _NBA 18 NBA news
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blake Griffin and the Clippers have signed a five-year contract with a $ 173 million contract. Griffin today in the Instagram on the drying out in the gym and the arena to carry out the training photos. Griffin last season regular season play 34.0 minutes, can get 21.6 points 8.1 rebounds and 4.9 assists. He played three games in the playoffs, averaging 33.0 minutes, get 20.3 points, 6.0 rebounds and 2.3 assists. Westbrook: and the world's most beautiful woman to spend the best days _NBA 18 NBA News (visit our site to buy nba 2k18 mt coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 18 Aug. 30 Thunder player Russell - Westbrook and wife Nina married at Beverly Hills by the end of August 2015. Today, Westbrook skates out on the Instagram to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Weissbrook wrote: "The most beautiful woman in the world together will always be the best day of my life, can marry you is my lucky, very excited to see our future will happen what. Happy day dear! Love you & rdquo; son of Westbrook Noah - Russell - Westbrook was born in May of this year, this is Westbrook with his wife Nina's first child.

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[Ruma news delivery] 8/27 preseason third week match reviews - NFL football field - NFL community
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[Ruma news delivery] 8/27 preseason third week contest commented by FDTraceur published in the NFL · NFL rugby field this preseason really nothing, the main time to play is too short, the defense only on the two Starting attack, attack is also a drive on the get off work. The team in the offensive and defensive arrangements on the test marks obvious, a lot of play is not appropriate, are "in order to fight and fight." Goff on the three drive, only passed 8 times, there was a ball off and a steals, the impression is poor, but the actual performance and not too many black spots. This offseason, the most commonly used word to describe Goff, is sharp, the start stage and the 16s connection to Woods, escape the chase in the flat area to find Brown, and pass to Higbee's balls are very aggressive and purposeful. That off the ball and last week's Mack's sack, like exposed to the right side of the Bo Bo weak, Goff himself for this direction of the punch no problem. Optimistic point of view, as long as the players themselves and the coaching staff to pay attention to this issue, it is easy to amend. That copy is completely Goff pass the technical problems, and his correspondence in the pocket, the choice of the defense, the choice of these high-end goals have nothing to do. This offseason Goff adjusted the mechanics, and when he passed the ball last year, his base had a lower starting point, a larger range, and a pause in the horizontal position; he could see him decrease this season, More coherent, the benefits generated do not need to repeat, but it may also enlarge his hand small disadvantage. The passing of the ball he tried to make better use of the power of the following parts of the elbow, resulting in not able to grip the ball, shot when the force is not uniform, the ball is very clear in the air, the distance is also short at least 7-8 yards. On the whole, today Goff exposed some stability problems, two mistakes caused serious consequences, but can be resolved in the short term. In those who really have the value of the traits, he and Mannion contrast should be able to make fans feel at ease. Quoting Olson's words: "Goff has a long distance from the 'finished product', but his progress is very noticeable." Goff today's biggest play is off the ball before starting, starting at 8 yards from the end of the zone. (Click to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Rams cleared the field, discharged 4 out of hand, a near-end array on the right side. Lightning corresponds to nothing unexpected, regular 4 people punch and cover2. After the kick-off, the left side of the ram is curl / flat, Higbee run slant low slant attack seam, the right side is the red zone the most common smash-7 concept, the outermost Woods choose to cross inward. Goff first read the object is the left side of the slot angle, which in the vicinity of the kick line on the Cooper pressure. Goff immediately chose to give up this side, inward checkdown, in recognition of Higbee is still in the scope of two security coverage, the direct choice of the ball out of the bottom line. Objectively speaking, this choice is still clever, compared to barely put the ball into a small window, give up the attack in the second gear more secure. Unfortunately, Goff is patient enough, sensitive to midline health, coupled with limited experience, so he missed the best chance of tonight. When Goff decided to throw the ball out of the bottom line, Higbee just to the center line of the center of gravity to the rear, the right side of the two angle before the kick on the respective areas of their own repeated exchanges, but in the end still running ... at this time Woods No man-mark, without any pressure Goff can continue to checkdown. If you can find this opportunity, Woods have a great chance to get touchdowns, the next file off the ball will not appear. to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins

Busy sneak! Bayern coach Ancelotti returned to Italy to play cards _FIFA 18 international football news
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FIFA 18 August 30 News In the national team game time, Bayern Munich coach Ancelotti also gave the players a short holiday, in this short holiday, Ancelotti returned to the motherland Italy and with the old Friends play cards together. Here is the southern city of Italy Cosenza, Ancelotti in the streets with the old friends playing cards entertainment. Ancelotti raised his eyebrows and smiled: I had not played for 20 years, but as before, I always win. At the same time Ancelotti summed up from the football of some life experience: from my ten years old, I was very lucky to be able to do what I love. Football is like a portrayal of life. People have lost to win, as our coach can only be judged by the outside world. And what I like is the relationship with the players, and the team. We are like a family, and this is the secret behind the last success. Italian Sky Sports: Inter total price of 30 million euros Buy Mustafa _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 Aug. 30 (Reuters) - Inter Milan has already offered a new offer to buy Arsenal defender Mustafi, with a rent of € 5 million. If the match reaches a certain number of times, the Nerazzurri must pay another 2500 Million buy off its ownership. According to the Italian Sky Sports news, Inter's offer is scheduled for 5 million euros to hire the German defender, the contract comes with 25 million buyout terms. If the number of moments played by Mustafi on behalf of Inter 50%, will automatically activate the buyout clause. However, this distance from Arsenal asking price of 40 million euros there is still some distance, it is also a year ago, the introduction of his gunmen from Valencia when the price. 25-year-old Mustafi has been on behalf of the German national team played 19 times, scored 2 goals. Last season, the Germans played 38 games for the gunmen, scored 2 goals, and 2 assists. German team plans to warm up with England and France _FIFA 18 International Football News
According to the German media "Sports Photo" reported that if the German national team to enter the next year's Russian World Cup direct entry qualification, then the German team plans in November this year with England and France two warm-up Race. Reported that the German team plans to November 10 with England for a warm-up match, four days after the plan with France for another warm-up match. But whether the warm-up match also depends on whether England and France can get directly to participate in next year's World Cup qualification, otherwise the German team will choose another opponent. The possible opponent is the Dutch team. Sky Sports: West Bram 7 million pounds signed Gibbs _FIFA 18 international football news (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
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FIFA 18 August 30 According to Sky Sports reports, Arsenal and West Brom has been on the left back Gibbs transfer West Brom to reach an agreement, the transfer fee of 700 million pounds, Gibbs will go to West Brom. Although Waterford has reached an agreement with Arsenal last week, but they did not negotiate on Tuesday due to the terms of the players did not negotiate out of the transaction. In the last year of the contract Gibbs has been told to leave the team, he is very much hope that the waterford coach Marco - Silva under the command of the force. Gibbs last season only started eight Premier League games, his main position was replaced by Monreal. After the absence of the preseason, he has not been on the pitch this season. Gibbs from Arsenal youth training, the national team played ten times. After briefly renting Norwich, he played for the first time in 2007 on behalf of Arsenal.

Rockets boss Alexander donates $ 4 million against hurricane Harvey
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NBA on August 29, local time on Sunday, Hurricane Harvey attacked Houston, Houston and therefore suffered a flood of 500 years of floods, according to CNN reported that there are 250,000 people without electricity, many roads can not pass. Today, the Rockets official said the team owner Leslie - Alexander has donated $ 4 million to deal with hurricanes. Rockets official Twitter wrote:; see so many friends of the family was destroyed by hurricanes, we feel very heavy. Mr. Leslie-Alexander has donated $ 4 million to Mayor Sylvester Turner's Hurricane Harvey Rescue Foundation to help rebuild the city. I believe that after the disaster, we will be stronger! Houston, may you be safe. In addition, it is reported that the Rockets star Chris Paul is also involved in the Houston Texans star JJ Watt fund-raising activities, he donated $ 50,000 to help Watt raised $ 500,000 donations, all used to help the hurricane Invasion of the victims. Garnett sun self-timer: this world, good morning! _NBANBA news
NBA August 29 news NBA champion Kevin - Kevin Garnett today in the social media released a self-timer (see news map). ; This world, well in the morning, he wrote. Garnett career regular season played a total of 1462 games, averaging 34.5 minutes, get 17.8 points and 10.0 rebounds and 3.7 assists and 1.3 steals 1.4 blocks. Eagles affiliate development alliance team will be held in the next month public training _NBANBA news
According to reports, the Atlanta Hawks under the development of the league team Erie Bay Hawks will be held next month in Atlanta open trial. The exact time is September 24, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm local time, at the Georgia State University Gymnasium. All players participating in the trial are required to pay a fee of $ 150 and will not be refunded. Eagles and Bay Eagle staff will go to the training site, to participate in the training of players to assess the ability. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the Bay Eagle training camp. Lubio photo nephew: the best way to recover after the game _NBANBA news
NBA August 29 news 2017 European Championship will be held from August 31 to September 17, jazz player Ricky - Rubio on behalf of Spain. Today, Rubio has sunked a picture of his own and his nephew's rest in bed and wrote: The best way to recover after the game # EuroBasket2017 Rubio played 32.9 minutes last season, averaging 11.1 points 4.1 Rebounds and 9.1 assists. Errata: NBA had not recognized Lu Biao around his nephew, the verification has been corrected, apologize here. US team scoring double on the Copa America Cup opener _NBANBA news
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NBA in August 29 hearing in the end of an American Cup group stage today, the United States to 97-56 victory over Panama, made a good start. The United States a game up on the fire full, they ended in the first section to 27-10 ahead of Panama. The game has long been lost suspense, the United States eventually take Panama. US player Marshall - Prumley scored 9 points and 12 rebounds in this game; Jonathan Holmes scored 17 points and five rebounds and one assists; Larry - Drew II scored 17 points and three rebounds and two assists; Reggie - Williams got 13 points and four rebounds and three assists. On the side of Panama, Gary Forbes scored 19 points and three rebounds and three assists; Tony Bishop Jr had 10 points and 10 rebounds and two assists. Odom: The Lakers deal ended my career and goals _NBANBA News
NBA August 29 news Recently, the former Lakers player Lamar - Lamar Odom received an interview with Yahoo Sports. ; The Lakers trading basically ended my career and goals, Odom said, and I was not once again. In Los Angeles (where the Lakers are home to the city), I know those buildings, those people, it's hard to let go. I and Kobe Bryant and Gasol have had a lot of good memories in the Lakers. It was a special time in my life. After losing to the Mavericks in the playoffs, I was traded, and that year I was the best sixth man. Get me after winning the best sixth prize ... what do i do? why? I've been thinking about it, thinking how much oil (and how much strength) is there in my tank. I have a lot to deal with. If there is no accident, I can play NBA now? I can play, I should be able to fight. Odom was dying because of excessive drug use. Now, the focus of his life is on his family. My family is more than I am looking forward to retirement as a Lakers player, Odom said, I am not really concerned about, care about the praise, care that a day contract. If that day, I will only be shy. This is for my son, my family, my fans, they will enjoy that day's arrival. This is for them. I'm not happy with no more play. But in life, I have learned to always reflect on myself. Odom in 2004 was traded to the Lakers, his style of the ball, get the trust of Bryant. He said that one morning he entered the training hall, saw Bryant did not remind the elbow to Vujacic face. ; I was thinking, this brother is really very strict, Odom said; he was ready to desperate early in the morning. No one like Kobe Bryant so much, Odom said, I mean, maybe Wade and Chris Paul is closer ... Paul can be ranked second, but Kobe Bryant, but he was desperate early in the morning. He taught me, must finish the matter. What is it. In the Heat I knew this, so I lifted every day. And Kobe Bryant is a great one. And he is together, you want to become stronger, want to defend your status and territory. Who would like to join the pioneer? Lillard: Anthony - Davis _NBANBA News
NBA today August 29, today, pioneer star Damian - Lillard in Twitter on the interaction with the fans. A depressing fan asked: "you will always stay in the Blazers, even if you know where you can not take a short period of time, or even the whole career without a crown?" Lillard humorously responded: I am not a & lsquo; depressed player & A friend named Serginho asked: What do you think of your 2K18 ability? Lillard replied: "that is just a game, I care about is the real career. A friend named Carpenter asked: Which player do you most want to join the pioneer? Lillard replied: Anthony Davis. Last season, Lillard averaged 35.9 minutes to get 27 points and 4.9 rebounds and 5.9 assists, Davis averaged 36.1 minutes to get 28 points 11.8 rebounds and 2.2 blocks, both in 2012 to enter the league.

NFL 18J.J. Watt will play Houston Texas first preseason - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18

NFL 18J.J. Watt will play Houston Texas first preseason - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18
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NJ 18J.J. Watt will play Houston Texas first preseason by bigblue_nyg published in the absence of nearly 11 months after JJ Watt (JJ Watt) will return to the stadium for the first time next week, and he will not stand on the sidelines The According to coach Bill O'Brien (Bill O'Brien) said that the Houston Texas star defensive end will be played against the Carolina Panther's first preseason game. This will be the first time since the third week of the game since the start of the game. Watt was absent from most of the last season because of his back injury, but he has not had any trouble in Texas training so far. His return to the healthy Jadeveon Clowney will be exciting for the Texans coaching team and the fans' potential for the front-line defense. Although we suspect that watt and clonty will get a lot of playing time the possibility of since last September this combination of the first fight enough to let us look forward to. The falcons believe that they will not be affected by the super Bowl sequelae - NFL Rugby Field - NFL 18

Falcons believe that they will not be affected by the super Bowl sequelae by YuCery published in the NFL 18 · NFL Rugby Field FLOWERY BRANCH (Falcon Training Camp), Georgia - Before the Falcon completes their next big game, "Super Bowl sequelae" The problem will always be troubled by them. Matt Ryan's MVP trophy proves that last season was not a blind cat, and Steve Sarkisian was well filled with the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) ) Leave a blank, a young defensive group is ready to look like the previous two and a half playoffs (and certainly hopefully better) impact the new season, the current falcon lineup does not need much change, they also understand this a little. That's why coach Dan Quinn will try to solve the problem in the offseason. He released a few weeks after the Super Bowl 34-28 defeat professional boxers want to learn to fight back the remarks; in April the first internal meeting of the team held a ventilation meeting, who the 25 points of the shaking reversal of any Feeling, can be a spit for fast. It is no coincidence that the spring players are answering the questions raised by the media. Dan Shuai do not want anyone to escape the problem, even if the fifty-first Super Bowl is used as the "last game", which is all the football practitioners every week to be used to remind their own stems, so that their own progress. Thomas Dimitroff, the team's general manager, told me in an interview: "Listen, I am confident that Dan's team is in the position of the coach and how his team is helping his job And the players are very helpful, we face the challenge, we explore each other, and we are very focused on the new season.We all know this sentence Of course, this is the direction we are trying to, we learned a lot from this process, and now we continue to move forward. "Dan Shuai said in an interview:" I am for the team We are proud of the way we are improving now.We have gained the right in the last season and in the Super Bowl and learned everything, and now we have to put these into action, so this is not what paid tuition or other That's what we can do, and we think we can do better. "There's something critical about sequelae: when you're young Easy to overcome these problems. Yes, human beings are like this, when the feelings and feelings of honor when the blow, the kind of pain is too heavy.

I remember very clearly that in February, the falcon's security guard Ricardo - Allen (Ricardo Allen) standing behind the speech, just lost the champion sadly, he said heartbreaking, this pain will always Distress him. They are so close from the championship, you may never have such a good chance. But God did not close the window of Atlanta. Hong Kong really, a year ago this window opened. A few days later the atmosphere of the team is not the same, and you will understand why the management of the Falcon has been stressed that they just started. Each of the key players are remembered in the history of the 2016 offensive group - NFL history averaged 33 points 415 yards of one of the five teams - the original team. Only the whole Wei and right guard front will have a new starting. Almost all experienced players are on the rise. The two most important players, Ryan and All-Star External Julio Jones, are at their peak of the age of 32 and 28 years old. Sakasu is not the sand satisfied that the sand is likely to be the most considered person in the NFL (although his performance in the Super Bowl has been criticized). After being tuned for a season by Chana Manhattan, Matt Ryan has taken the Sabahan attack system out of the eye to figure out who's unmarked and then pass the ball quickly. His last season's data (passing rate of 69.9%, each attack to promote 9.3 yards, 117.1 passer score) in the past eight seasons is the highest. Shahnah is now the head coach of the San Francisco 49, but the Falcon did not abandon his offensive system - the other people in the coaching team passed all this to Sacchaux. So far, Sakasu has established a good relationship with his charisma and quarterback. "They have a good relationship," he said, "and Matt is very careful about what he likes, and Sarkar is doing a good job of being familiar with it." There are no more than 28-year-old starting crews in the defense group. Seven are two or three year players (if you put the five-point Brian - Poole (Brain Poole) included, then eight people). According to Dan Shou's previous defensive model in Seattle, Deion Jones is the falcon Bobby Wagner, Keanu Neal is their Keman-Chanceler Kam Chancellor, and De'Vondre Campbell, their KJ Wright. Vic Beasley won 15 1/2 chats in his second career season, at the forefront of the league. Jones and defensive Grady Jarrett (Grady Jarrett), there are many other players, together formed last season lost code League 25 25 points out of the league 27 defensive group, - limited like the sea Eagle's Russell Wilson and Green Bay's Aaron Rogers such top players. (visit our site to buy NFL 18 coins Mobile,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Falcon hopes that their first two draft picks will be a combat force, defensive end tower Takridge - McKinley (Takkarist McKinley) and line defender Duke Riley (Duke Riley) was high hopes. They also signed the Dontari poe and renewed Desmond Trufant, although he missed the game last season because of chest tattoo missed ten games. (Taking into account the fact that Trevor can show twice when Tom Breddy played his young bench) In the season of 2016, the coordinator, Chad Smith, was replaced (not fired at the time, but after the end of the season Dismissal), the young defensive team made no small progress. Dan Shuai after carrying the guidance of the defensive group after the crowd, before making progress, assistant coach Marukand Manuel (Marquand Manuel) has been to help. The 38-year-old Manuel's energy was very noticeable on Thursday's public training. He knows how to work, but will not do any embarrassing command. From his early in the NFL any defensive line coach, Dan Shuai in the locker room and the ability to communicate has been praised: black white, urban people rural people, no matter who. "Brotherhood" concept in the Falcons talking about it can cause resonance, spread all over the corner of the building. In the locker room, it also helps the Falcons get big contract players - Ryan, Jones, Trevette, center Alex Mack - to be an example for other teammates. (Falcon wants to add Devonta Freeman to this list, but his agent left Atlanta without leaving a renewed intention, but Freeman went to the training camp .) People have been holding them with the country south of the opponent Carolina Panthers compared to their 50th from the wild horse over the Super Bowl to last season 6-10 closing, the record was tragically Waterloo. Is this the legendary killer in the invisible super Bowl sequelae? Or give up the privilege of the label player Corner Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) brought the consequences? And their MVP quarterback Cam Newton (Cam Newton) from the beginning of the week in the staff of the offensive line is not open after the cast their feet, as well as star lineline Luke - Kuchi Li (Luke Kuechly) Because the concussion missed six games, there are a steady stream of players into the recession? Of course, the Falcon may be torn apart. Perhaps Ryan returned to the mortal level, or the coordinator's reform was unsuccessful, and then the young defensive players did not achieve the desired goals, there were injuries, and other problems, no one could predict what would happen in July. This is the characteristics of the NFL. But there is no reason to think that the falcon can not throw off six months before the biggest stage in the professional football suffered haze, continue to move forward.

Barcelona high: the team will continue to signings, I hope to come back two new aid _FIFA 18 international football news

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FIFA 18 GAME August 28 hearing Barcelona is responsible for high-profile Robert - Fernandez also attended today Barcelona for Deng Beilei prepared new aid meet, but journalists on his main focus on the future of Barcelona's transfer plan The When asked about the transition process to Kudinho, Robert said: "We are trying to promote the transfer of a player, we are now running out of time, but we still hope to be in the transfer window before closing Next new player. We are trying to sign a new player, maybe one or two new players, if possible, I hope to be able to come to two new players. But Robert refused to disclose what the current Barcelona is interested in which specific players. Robert is also a complete denial of the possibility of the move: we do not deny Serie is a good player, but after considering the team's current situation, we decided to shift the focus on other locations. Robert also said that Barcelona's interest in Deng Beilei has long been a long time, just because it can not meet the players played time to drag now: we are very concerned about his effectiveness during the Ryan, and last season we also want to introduce him, but We can not meet his playing time requirements. We all see, in the MSN with the time, the other offensive players is difficult to get the opportunity. Sky Sports: Arsenal denies Sanchez to submit transfer application _FIFA 18 International Soccer News
FIFA 18 GAME August 29 hearing Sky Sports reported that the Arsenal club denied striker Sanchez submitted a transfer application. Prior to the news that the weekend Premier League Arsenal 0-4 loss to Liverpool, Sanchez was very happy. Sanchez and Arsenal contract is currently 11 months left, the two sides have not yet completed the renewal. Manchester City and other clubs are interested in the introduction of Sanchez, but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hope he can continue to stay in the team in effect. Many clubs this summer and Sanchez came the rumors, but coach Arsčne Wenger said many times will not sell Sanchez, the player himself did not make a clear response. Today there is news that Sanchez submitted a transfer application to the club, but was denied by the Arsenal club. French media: Paris ready to give up the introduction of Monaco midfielder Fabiano _FIFA 18 international football news
According to the French RMC television news, Paris is ready to abandon the introduction of Monaco midfielder Fabio. Paris had 50 million euros offer Fabio, but was rejected by Monaco. Monaco is very tough attitude, unless the Paris can provide 60 million euros, or Fabio will not be able to move to Paris. It is reported that Paris is ready to give up the introduction of Fabio. With the introduction of Nei Maer and Mbapi, Paris is currently considering the club's debt problem, and now they did not sell enough players to maintain the balance of payments, so the introduction of Fabian's plan was basically abandoned. Sky Sports: Monaco rejects Liverpool's offer for Le Mare - FIFA 18 International Soccer News
FIFA 18 GAME August 29 hearing Sky Sports reported that the Liverpool club twice offer Monaco midfielder Le Mare, but was rejected by the Monaco Club, it is learned that a recent offer up to 64.8 million pounds (70 million euros). According to Sky Sports, the Liverpool club has made two offers to buy Le Mare, the first offer for 55.5 million pounds, the second offer for 64.8 million pounds, but have been rejected by the Monaco Club. The Monaco Club wants Le Mare to remain in the team and do not want to let him leave the team during the summer session. It is reported that Arsenal club last month had quoted 30 million pounds to buy Le Mare, Barcelona is also very interested in Le Mare, but Monaco insisted on selling players. Sky Sports: Liverpool signed RB Leipzig midfielder Keita, players joined the summer _FIFA 18 international football news (welcome to buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 GAME August 28 hearing Sky Sports reported that Liverpool has been from RB Leipzig signed Guinea midfielder Nabi - Keita, players will join the team on July 1 next year. According to "Liverpool Echo" reported that Liverpool in the summer of next year, 48 million pounds in effect on the basis of the cost of the purchase of a fee to pay him to sign. Keita is 22 years old, he came from the Guinea team Horoya AC in 2012 to the French team iister. In 2014, Keita joined Austria's top league team Salzburg Red Bull, played 59 times in two seasons, scoring 17 goals to help the team win the 2014/15 season and 2015/16 season, the League Cup double title The In 2016, Keita joined the brother club RB Leipzig. He played 31 times last season, scored 8 goals, sent seven assists to help the newly promoted team won the Bundesliga runner-up. B: I still need to adapt to the strength of the British super confrontation _FIFA 18 international football news

NFL August 1 news summary Ram lion refused to participate in training camp

četvrtak , 24.08.2017.

Days NFL have what interesting things happen? Let's take a look at it:

NFL August 1 news summary Ram lion refused to participate in training camp

again! Rams defensive team refused to participate in the training camp

In the Levy - Bell because of the contract strike, Beckham published to take the league after the top salary, Aaron - Donald looked at his contract, intended to do something. In the training camp of the Los Angeles Rams, we did not see (visit our site to buy NFL 18 coins Mobile,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the league's top defensive player.

Unlike Bell, Donald is still in the rookie contract period, the current rams have chosen to implement his worth $ 6.9 million 2018 contract option, he just simply want a big (Click to buy Mut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) contract. In June this year, Donald had missed the team's mini-training camp, the ram has also opened a "huge" contract for him, but Donald seems to be absent, he wants the league's top players salary The

Aaron - Donald since his debut has been selected three times the professional bowl, the last two consecutive years selected for the best team and won the best defensive rookie, last season won eight sack and 2 manufacturing off the ball, is considered to be One of the league's strongest defensive players. He and other defensive tattoo is different from the quiescent state to start to take some of the explosive, coupled with his non-stop movement and flexible hands, it is extremely destructive, so that opponents are quite a headache.

After a few teams in the player rookie contract left two years to choose to renew, but Aaron - Donald tried to change the situation, he has reason to pay for their own. New York giants of the star outside the possession of O'Dell - Beckham and Donald is similar to the situation a few days ago want to get the league top salary, but the difference is that Beckham did not choose to strike training.

Ibrahim had the best effort last year, Manchester United had a 35-year-old striker

srijeda , 23.08.2017.

Ibrahim had the best effort last year, Manchester United had a 35-year-old striker, he has entered the end of his career, but now they have 24-year-old Lukaku, he is entering the pinnacle of personal career.

A striker to join a club after the need to complete, especially in the transfer worth so expensive circumstances, Lukaku has a good start. It was great, he scored three goals in two FIFA 18 GAMEs at the start, and Lucas had no doubt that you could see him full of confidence.

Someone criticized Lukacu's pass on Saturday, but this summer Mourinho said he was not interested in it, and Lucas was not the kind of player.

Mourinho only want a player, he can around the restricted area activities, ready to reach the restricted area to score. In my opinion, the other on the forward should be withdrawn deeper auxiliary transfer ball, etc., it is thought too much.

When I (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) was in Newcastle, if we were going through a bad day, I would find myself swallowing deeper and deeper to help my teammates.

At the same time, doing so also denied my greatest advantage. If we play well and I stand with the last guard, then we are very dangerous.

Now Manchester United has enough creativity, seems to have a faster speed and better physical strength, more and more players have confidence to move forward.

Rushford, Mikhtar and Mata have enough capacity to pose a threat, but also the ability to defend, do not need Lukaku retracement help, he only need to stay in front of the deadly strike on it.

After the three of them, there is no doubt there Bogeba, after leaving Juventus to return to Manchester (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) United, it seems that Borgba has been in the last season's experience to benefit.

"FIFA18" will robotically adjust the sport hard players dug massive secret

petak , 18.08.2017.

"FIFA18" will robotically adjust the sport hard players dug massive secret
"FIFA18" will robotically alter the sport difficult players dug big mystery
if you have been gambling for a few weeks, however discovered that the sport is still playing fifty or five, then it isn't your hassle, a few days ago, "FIFA18" network broke a large information, a few gamers determined that during (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the game the difficulty will robotically regulate with the level of the participant degree. For folks who do no longer recognise (Click here to buy fifa 18 points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) the player, the "stability" device is primarily based on the extent of the player is right or horrific, "secretly" to regulate the game issue, as a football recreation benchmarking products, EA did now not mention any facts approximately this option The
"FIFA18" will mechanically modify the game tough players dug huge mystery
but, witty gamers still determined clues, through the discovery of "FIFA18" report, the participant observed within the FIFA very last team hidden a "team chemical reaction" code, the value of this records from zero-100 range.
similarly, different players also located that the gadget can be based on different capturing statistics, ownership price, and so forth., routinely adjust the sport difficulty, the participant can be this feature "adaptive issue", do now not understand this feature may be implemented to stand-on my own mode or online mode The
currently a collection of gamers online institution, released a referred to as "in search of EA clarification" activities, they want EA to come back ahead to make clear whether or not the problem of the game is adjusted things. gamers assume they should not be true because of their very own performance by means of the machine modifications the problem of the sport, not due to my intention an excessive amount of to growth the difficulty, nor because I cannot lessen the issue of technology.
If this option is certainly used in on-line mode, then the version will have an effect on the actual profits of some gamers and different most important elements, however, we additionally wish that EA can come ahead to explain the actual scenario.

What new league will join in FIFA18?

četvrtak , 17.08.2017.

What new league will join in FIFA18?
For those who want to experience in the FIFA18 Super League players, this is probably a bad news - despite the past few years, many football stars joined the Super League, but FIFA18 did not include the Super League.
We (Click here to buy fifa 18 points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) are still waiting for official news to see if there will be a new league to join in, but according to "kicker" reported that this year's FIFA18 will add the German League.
FIFA18 demo version when released?
FIFA17 demo version released in about two weeks before the official release, so players should be in the beginning of September to mid-September sometime, the first taste of the taste of FIFA18.
Will FIFA18 use VR (Virtual Reality Technology)?
Everything you see in this area is purely speculation, although the VR equipment has been in the market has achieved early success, and began to affect the game industry, but EA has no indication that virtual reality technology will become part of FIFA18.

With regard (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) to the future of VR technology in FIFA games, we can be very easy to predict - especially now more cinema game mode has become a reality, such as "The Journey". However, there are not many signs that this is a top priority, and because of the boom of the development of competitive games, it is difficult to see the core of the game experience changes.

Every day you will get at least five tasks, each person's task will be different

utorak , 15.08.2017.

This is similar to the previous head coach task. In FIFA18, the completion of the daily and weekly tasks will be the corresponding reward. Tasks include lineup management, buy and sell players, complete the game, new players play and so on. The harder the task, the better the reward will be.

Every day you will get at least five tasks, each person's task will be different.

Every week will refresh a week task, the difficulty will increase, everyone will get the same week task.

These tasks will run through the entire FIFA18, can be done on the phone APP and the game.

Champions Channel Champions Channel

EA finally launched the event back to see the function. In the FIFA18 championship channel, you will be able to see the world's top players in the game in the game video. You can freely fast forward, rewind, adjust the perspective, to study their technical and tactical, to enhance their own.

When watching, there will be a timeline prompt. You can jump directly to the skill move, goals, fouls and other wonderful moments.

"FIFA18" legendary star data at a glance FIFA18 legendary star

četvrtak , 10.08.2017.

EA in this morning (August 2) confirmed that "FIFA18" in a total of 16 legendary star and its specific data, you can say that every one is the players and fans friends familiar players. Including the size of Luo, the Great Henry, the king of Bailey and others, then who else? What is their specific data? Interested friends to see it!

This contains the 16-bit legendary star, each player will have three separate players to reflect the performance of their different periods of ability attributes.

Legendary star video


Swim stars

September 18, 1976 was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazilian football player, the Secretary forward.

Ronaldo youth became famous in Cruzeiro, 1996, 1997, 2002 three times won the World Footballer of the Year, in 1998 was elected World Cup Player of the Year, in 2002 won the World Cup Golden Boot Award, 2010 Ronaldo won the Brazilian legend star award.

Ronaldo's European football career began in Eindhoven, then has played for Barcelona, ??Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan four giants team, a total of 1 laureate trophy, a UEFA Cup, a European Winner Cup, 1 King (welcome to our (welcome to buy fifa 18 coins) of Spain Cup and 2 times the Spanish Super Cup trophy.

February 14, 2011, suffering from tortured Ronaldo announced his retirement, the end of the 18-year career. February 2015, Ronaldo announced the return, joined the US second-class club Fort Lauderdale striker football club.

Swim stars


Swim stars

March 21, 1980 was born in Porto Alegre, with Brazil and Spain dual (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins) nationality, Brazilian professional football player, field director shadow and winger can also be competent midfielder.

In 1998, Ronaldinho started his career at the Greymio Football Club in Brazil. In 2001, Ronaldinho moved to the French Saint-Germain Football Club. In 2003, Ronaldinho moved to La Liga Barcelona football club, during which Ronaldinho won two World Soccers and a European Golden Globe Award. In 2008, Ronaldinho moved to Serie A AC Milan Football Club. After 2011, Ronaldinho has played for the flamenco, Minero Athletic, Queretaro, Fluminous.

From 1999 to 2013, Ronaldinho played 97 times on behalf of the Brazilian national team to help Brazil won the 1999 American Cup and the 2002 World Cup.

Wilderness fight BrawlStars buy 2 times gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost-effective

četvrtak , 03.08.2017.

BrawlStars "buy 2 times gold coins and 50% gold coins to buy which good gold coins to buy recommended
BrawlStars buy 2 times the amount of gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost, 2 times the gold coin and 50% gold bonus effect is different, we buy gold coins plus props money to see the gold coin rules, gold coin 2 To 1000 gold coins. This is the fastest way to save gold coins is also a player ...
BricklStars buy 2 times the gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost, 2 times the gold coin and 50% gold coin bonus effect is different, we buy gold coins plus props money to see gold coin rules, gold coins 2 bureau can reach 1000 gold coins. This is the fastest (welcome to our Brawl Stars GEMS site ). way to save gold coins are the best way to save gold coins, krypton gold in the mall need to buy gold coins inside the card. First on a crow pressed!

Wilderness fight BrawlStars buy 2 times gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost-effective

Orange Hero Raven

Wilderness fight BrawlStars buy 2 times gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost-effective

Gold coin addition contrast

Wilderness fight BrawlStars buy 2 times gold coins and 50% gold coins which cost-effective

"Brawal Stars" Andrews download
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Gold bonus effect

Here said: 2 times 1000 gold is what it means, is not an increase of 1000 gold coins on the end?

Twice the meaning of your authorities all the (for more info about doubled doubles, to reach a thousand gold coins when no.

The two are all bought on the basis of the original gold coins * 3

Both are bought three times. Individuals have 44J, all the heroes are almost 10J, the most powerful three or four is twenty-three it, three days to run out of 1000 gold double Double your own reference!
BrawlStars Conflict Adjustment Piper is weakened
BrawlStars wilderness fights on July 6 and carried out a balanced optimization update, the main update content has a new role Piper weakened, gem package value, skin prices and so on. Please let me know the details of the update

Brawl Stars has wood to be the next success of the market

srijeda , 02.08.2017.

Brawl Stars has wood to be the next success of the market

Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are two of the most successful games on the market, and the two are from the same company: Supercell, which seems to have the key to success hidden in its headquarters. And, despite the fact that the company only has four games on the market, these four games have generated 46 billion dollars in profits. And all your games are free! We do not know how they do it, but we do know one thing: Brawl Stars is their new title and points high. One of the characteristics of Supercell is that they do not hesitate a moment to eliminate one of their titles during the test launch if this does not work, as it happened years ago with Smash Land and Spooky Pop, that never reached a global release.

However, Brawl Stars has had a very beneficial start for the company: to date, there are more than 4,000 Brawl Stars reviews on the App Store and 92% are positive; Compared to 82% of Clash Royale positive reviews for the first 20 days after its release

Different measures of amusement modes in Brawl Stars is the thing that that makes this diversion so special and tasteful. To keep the enthusiasm of the player inside the amusement, the Brawl Stars has a few playing modes including:

1. Bot Brawl: This amusement sort enables your brawler to enter the diversion sort you favor and to fight against the Bots.

2. Center Brawls: is the best website to buy cheap brawl stars gems and boosting service or Brawl Stars Power Leveing. Click Here to buy cheap brawl stars gems Now This is the most intriguing one where you collaborate with your companions and your group fight against the Bots.

3. Customary Brawl: The conventional Brawl mode is really where you take your brawler up against different players.

Sorts of Events in Brawl Stars

There are four sorts of occasions that occur in your gameplay. You can get to these occasions from the Brawl Tab. The occasions include:

1. Crush and Grab: My most loved amusement sort is the Smash and Grab in which your group needs to gather the precious stones found amidst the field and if your group gets effective in gathering a sum of 10 gems toward the finish of the commencement, your group wins.

2. Confrontation: The following occasion in the Brawl Tab is a standoff that incorporates ten players against each other, without making any groups. The last Brawler remaining in the front line will win the challenge.

3. Abundance: Bounty is the standard winning component in this gameplay, where every brawler begins its diversion with one abundance over his head. Executing another brawler will expand the quantity of Bounty over your head by one tally and the group with the most elevated abundance score will win. In any case, the thing you have to recollect is biting the dust will reset your abundance to one. So attempt to execute every one of the brawlers without kicking the bucket.

4. Heist: Three groups are arbitrarily doled out to their protective or hostile groups. Whatever undertaking you are doled out, Now Brawl stars players can buy cheap Brawl Stars GEMS and boosting service or Brawl Stars Power Leveing from Players can join groups to play alongside other players. you need to finish the errand inside the commencement of three, with a specific end goal to succeed and win the occasion. On the off chance that you don't finish your undertaking inside 3 minutes, you lose the amusement.

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