Matej Loncaric

Matej Loncaric B.Sc. team coordinator/leader - projects
Research Interests:

Digital Television
Picture Quality Measurements
Image and Video Compression
Live Video Streaming
Internet Communications (VoIP)

Digital Media Marketing
Media Publishing
Web Production
Project Development and Organization
Web Concepts
Internet Media Consultant
TV Production Management

commercial & art photography

e-mail: matej.loncaric [at]

International conference papers:

NEW Andela Zaric, Matej Loncaric, Dijana Tralic, Maja Brzica, Emil Dumic, Sonja Grgic;
Image Quality Assessment - Comparison of Objective Measures with Results of Subjective Test

Matej Loncaric, Dijana Tralic, Maja Brzica, Juraj Petrovic, Sonja Grgic; CROATIA
Managing Mixed HD and SD Broadcasting

Loncaric, M., Tralic, D., Brzica, M., Vukovic, J., Lovrinic, J., Dumic, E., Grgic, S., Testing Picture Quality in HDTV Systems, Proceedings of the 50th International Symposium ELMAR-2008, Zadar, Croatia, 10-12 September 2008, str. 5-8