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Hollywood Studios - The Magic of the Movies

Hollywood Studios - The Magic of the Movies

I just post 12 Months Of Magic - Movie Poster (how To Play Golf) on

Title: The Colour of Magic (IMDB) Director: Vadim Jean Rating: All ages Length: 3 hours Year: 2008 Basic Reason for Beginning: It’sa Discworld adaptation! And I liked what they did with Hogfather, so… (Also, it has Luggage. ...

A Magic Movie -

There is a new Harry Potter movie out this week, which millions of fans are extremely excited about, even though they’ve all read the books and know exactly what’s going to happen. Also, they don’t seem to mind that it’s based on the ...

So i went to that magic tournament and got steamrolled. Only 6 ppl showed up and i lost pretty harsh. I was at the bottom of the barrel then entire time. I still had fun though =D All the fun games inbetween were actually the most fun i ...

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