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I will be reposting my posts from here first.

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Haul: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


I'm a really big fan of Lush, but their stuff is kinda pricey so I don't splurge much on my shopping trips there :P

I bough the Buttercup gift set ( Butterball bath bomb + Honey I Wahshed The Kids soap) for my friend as a birhtday gift. I hope she likes it :) . The price of this is 78 kn (Ł6.95) and it's Lush's cheapest gift i think.

The second thing I bought is the French Kiss bubble bath for my mother as a Mother's day present. I really wanted to buy the flower one that were maid specially for mother day but they did get it yet :( . Anyways, French Kiss is a mix of lavender and extra virgin coconut oil. It smelly yummy :) Price of this is 36 kn (Ł3.85).

And I had to buy something for me too, of course! I picked up a Karma Komba solid shampoo bar. I really like Lush's shampoo bars ( I will do a review soon). This one smells like the famous Karma soap from Lush, but imo is less "heavy" . I don't really like the smell of Karma, but I was OK with this one. The Karma Komba solid shapoo bar is 54 kn (Ł4.65).

BTW! Do you like hauls? should I keep doing them?

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nedjelja, 02.05.2010.

Review: Bourjois Metallise eyeliner in Bleu clinquant


Since turqoise is the new "it" colour for this season I wanted to find a good blue/ turqoise eyeliner.
I decided to try Bourjois's Regard Effect Metallise in 54 Bleu Clinquant (Blue Foil) because I know Bourjois makes excellent eyeliners at a very low cost.

The Regard Effect Metallise comes in 5 shades: a black, brown, gold, blue and teal green.

The packaging is a simple, all blue, pencil with a cap. It a standard cute packaging. It comes with 1,2 g ( 0.04 oz) of product.

The great thing about this eyeliner is that it is waterproof! It can be put both on the upper lid and waterline and it doesn't hurt or make your eye watery ( as is the case with Essence's black mania eyeliner). It stay on the upper lid whole day (and I have oily lids) without any change, but on the waterline it needs a little touchup after 4-5 hours.

The colour is definately true metalic blue/ turquoise colour. It is easily applied and on the upper lid it look really opaque and gives the effect of a liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner is really creamy and pigmented so it is really easy to apply.

It is great for smudgy looks, but I can also get a really precise line if it is sharpened.

The only down side for me is sharpening. It is kinda messy and you waste quite a lot of the pencil and the sharpener is really dirty afterwards.

Price of this eyeliner is 36,90 kn (around 7$) and I think it is definately worth the price.

More pictures and swatches below.




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