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Review: Avon Colortrend Shimmering eyeshadow - Golden vision.


Happy Friday! :)
Today I want to review an eyeshadow that I think is great for going out. It's Avon Colortrend Shimmering eyeshadow in Golden vision.

The packing is really cute. It is a little "jar" that carries 1 g of the product, but don't worry, it will last a long time. The eyeshadows comes in a package with a little applicator, but it's pretty crappy. I wouldn't recommend using it since this eyeshadow needs a good blending.

The shadow is, as the name sest, nice gold colour, more on the orange side. It has a lot of shimmer, but on the lid it doesn't look like shimmer, but it gives like a foil effect.

It is easy to apply and really pigmented and I didn't notice much fallout.

Golden vision eyeshadow is really long lasting and can't be smudged easily. It tryed rubbing it from my hand when I swatched it, but I couldn't. And it wasn't only glitter that stayed, there was a lot of colour too.

I would say that this shadow will look fantastic on somebody tanned, but if you are really fair as me, you can still wear. I just wouldn't recommend putting it alone or in a thick layer.

I don't really use this eyeshadow alone because I think it's too "out there" for my complexion. I love using it with a simple brown look to make it look more special and nice for a night out. I just put it in the middle of my lid and blend it. It gives a lovely shine to the eye.

I'm planning on doing a tutorial with this eyeshadow soon which will be really bronzy and bold :)
The full price of this eyeshadow is 45 kn (around 8$) but it's always on a special so it's around 30 kn (6$). I think it's worth the price, especially if you like shimmmer :)

More pictures and swatches below :)





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