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Review: Catrice Mineral soft powder rouge - Coral Sand


Hello! :)
Today I want to review a product from witch I ecxpect a lot.
I totally adore Catrice cosmetics,and I especially love their Mineral compact powder. This product is from the same "mineral" line so I really expected something fantastic. I read a few review for other shades of this product and they were all great...

The full name of this product is Catrice Mineral soft powder rouge and the shade I got is 110 Coral Sand.
What Catrice cosmetics says about this product: "Delicate powder rouge with more than 80% mineral and silk ingredients. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Free of perfumes. Dermatologically tested."
Ok...let me start the review.

The packaging of the product is really nice and basic, which I love. It contains 5g of the product, which is great amount, especially for the price which is 25,90 kn (around 5$).

Coral sand shade is, just as the name says a pretty nice coral colour that is great for spring and summer.

Texture of the blush is quite firm and I don't pick a lot of it with my brush.

My main problem with this blush is the pigmentation. I know Catrice has amazing pigmentation in their products (considering the price), but I was really let down with this shade.
Firstly, I can't pick up a lot of colour so I have to swirl my brush in the packaging a lot. Secondly, when I put the first layer on I couldn't see a thing so I had to layer it on.

After 2-3 layers of the blush the colour was finally visible and actually really nice and fresh. When I applied it my skin looked really fresh and healthy and not over the top.

Now... Later I tried using a different blush brush. This was not as soft as the previous one. I still had to swirl it around the packaging but the blush actually came on nicely this time. More pigmented and quite nice. So I definately recommed a rougher brush.

The blush is quite long lasting, as it stayed in my face the whole day.
It can be blended easily. It doesn't have any really noticeable shimmer but it you put in the light you can see some sparkle in it but they don't show up on the skin.

I would recommend Catrice Mineral soft powder rounge in Coral sand for everyday use since I didn't find it quite as good as some other blushes I have. It's kinda hard to apply, but it looks really nice on the skin.

More pictures and swatches below :)




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