srijeda, 21.04.2010.

NOTD: First using Konad = FAIL!


I got my Konad set in the mail today so I had to try it right away :)
I will post the pictures and what I got in the next post probably.

For these nails I combined Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in shade Lost in mud with Catrice 3in1 in Almost Black.
Now, this was my first ever time Using Konad so I wasn't quite sure why it was coming out this badly.

After I have done these, I tryes to make something with other regular nail polishes and it worked perfectly. Just my luck choosing the worst possible colour to start with :/
Anyways, there will soon be more Konad posts because I really like it.

Oh yeah... my nail polish bottles look...horrible. I'm sorry xD I'm just messy that way.


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