četvrtak, 01.01.2015.

Sretna Nova 2015. godina, presretna!


Streets pretty deserted this morning, just me and the dog walkers. The detritus of the night before, and something else, I pick it up. A handwritten letter fluttering amongst the cans, bottles and fast food packaging. The ink has been washed away by the rain in places, and elsewhere parts have been crossed out. A love letter, possibly unrequited. Either it was never sent or the recipient simply threw it away.

“I love you but I’m lost…”

Hand cannot erase this love.

Preneseno s Hand.Cannot.Erase.


And a love like this makes us strong
laugh it up if things go wrong
It’s not you, forgive me if i find i need more space
Cause trust means we don’t have to be together everyday


Oznake: Steven Wilson, Hand. Cannot. Erase.

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