nedjelja, 10.11.2013.

Apple release iPhone 5C in 5 colors

The Apple Keynote just ended and all fans of the bitten apple probably still have sweaty hands . Hands, and maybe something else too. Please note , we will not judge you and it is finally quite normal since new have succeeded at a breakneck pace . Between the iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone iOS 7 , we got our money and the time has come to draw a small balance of the event.

Before going any further, know that if you have carefully followed the rumors that have ignited the web in recent weeks, this brief summary should not teach you much. This is normal , since all these gossip proved accurate. Well, almost all , actually. Again , Apple has failed to keep its secrets and it's unbelievable when take a look at its history and its past strategies .

iPhone 5C

Undoubtedly one of the stars of the event. As sested by the latest rumors to date, Apple has actually decided to launch a smartphone at a more affordable price , a smartphone that marks the return of the plastic with many iPhone Accessroies. Available in green, yellow, blue , red and white, the latter is clearly reminiscent of the latest iPod Touch. Apple has also decided to accompany new colored covers ( also ) so that we can easily protect .

Concerning the technical specifications of the beast , be aware that the firm did not return in the details, but we know that it will include a 4-inch Retina display similar to that found on the current iPhone 5. Same for the A6 chip that drives and the 8 megapixel sensor . The FaceTime camera, meanwhile, enjoys a small update and a backlight charming , all with a hint of high-definition behind .

In summary :

4-inch Retina Display with a resolution in 1136 × 640 ( 326 ppi ) .

800:1 contrast .

A6 chip of unknown frequency.

16/32 GB of storage space.

Backlit 8 megapixel sensor , f/2.4 for the lens.

Video recording in 1080/30p .

Video stabilizer .

FaceTime camera 1.2 megapixel capture in 720p.

10 hours on 3G, 250 hours standby.

Accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope .

Proximity sensor , brightness sensor .

Dimensions: 124.4 × 59.2 × 8.97 mm.

Film Accessories: Power Support PJK-01 AFP clear films

Weight : 132 grams .

The price of the beast? € 99 for the 16GB model and € 199 for the 32GB model , with a membership including a commitment period of twenty- four months. It will take a little longer for prices without subscription. The new covers , for their part, will be offered at 29 € . Pre -orders from September 13. The subscription price without going very badly as : € 549 for the 16GB version and € 649 for the 32GB version of

Oh, and the iPhone will replace the iPhone 5 5C catalog of the firm, which, however, retain the old 4S form. This is also available for free with a contract of engagement with our operators.

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nedjelja, 03.11.2013.

Fridge Magnet – Shelf Life Indicator of Food

Love this concept of the Fridge Magnet that features a QR code-scanning function. Basically it provides information on the shelf life of food and keeps a tab on the expiry dates. In a good way, it also acts as an interactive, informative tool for children. It displays the image of the food item, its name, and place of origin, production date, proper temperature for preservation, and expiry date.

Here is how it works:

Fridge Magnet is a 2013 red dot and dog training collar award: design concept winner!

Designers: Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng, Liao Haibo & Tang Yigang

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subota, 02.11.2013.

80 Empowered Women Go Bare-Breasted in New York

While photographer Jordan Matter portrait perhaps best known for its dancers among us uplifting series , a collection of photographs of dancers jump into the streets of the city, who are his portraits of more than 80 topless women should talk today. For six years , the subject asked women of all backgrounds to volunteer in this project , to walk in the streets of New York topless , to challenge conventions and cope with their feelings of shame and helplessness . ( On a side note , did you know that it is perfectly legal for a woman to go topless in New York? )

What matters quickly discovered was that after the photo shoot , the women have become " surprisingly high " , leaving the field to question exactly what he had discovered . In the book, aptly titled discovered , you will find many stories alongside portraits that reveal every woman's own journey toward self-acceptance . In essence, the famous discovery controversial human body, which pays tribute to the individuality of women, their similarities and differences.

As an Amazon reader perfectly said about the book, " Like a good movie, " discovered " " buy battery " from understanding and emotion rising from the depths. Could relate to many women in the book ... and felt compassion for whose experience did not know. every woman who volunteered for this project was beautiful ... every body , every mother , every word was a poignant reality of how women perceive , think and feel. Question is an exceptional photographer to capture the essence of all women in their shots. I look forward to sharing this book with everyone I know. believe that there must be a change in what we teach our children how to relay other about themselves and their bodies ... this book is positive in every way and full of wisdom .

"I admire the volunteers who have agreed to be photographed and to express their thoughts and opinions. Jordan praise for their exemplary work issues . " Discovered " can be proudly displayed in our home and we hope you are invited to an interesting and positive conversations with family and friends. "

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četvrtak, 10.10.2013.

Past 30 Years Kissing photos In New York

For thirty years, photographer Matt Weber was to capture candid scenes of romantic passion in the streets of New York. His collection Urban Romance reveals the many tender moments of love that occur between couples who enjoy all the bustling city. The condition is accompanied or a simple kiss on the cheek lovingly lips near the middle of a crowded subway car .

Weber, who started documenting urban life in New York in 1978 , first, find a balance between the evidence of its recurrent image of an isolated city and refreshing well intimacy sometimes uncomfortable fire on land public . Although the details of the romance anonymous repair each pair remains unknown, Weber said: There are so many miserable people you see many people who do not seem very happy people happy , try not to worry are happy about it . . .

A book with an extensive collection of New York Bluetooth headset, Weber street photography , including images of an entire urban novel is available for purchase as The Urban Prisoner .

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srijeda, 25.09.2013.

DNA Structures design Double Helix Bookcase

Designed by Cattelan Italia Italian company, DNA library is a unique and stylish way to show your inner love of reading. Made of steel, is about 6 feet high tower has two platforms that slowly around a central column, rotating 13 high shelves. Carefully applied design creates a double helix iconic frequently in the DNA structure shown. The shape definitely works best when filled with books, but the height of the view can elegantly show what you want. The piece was sold both models a classic white and black, but to have this scientific platform that will cost over $ 800!

Via : Cattelan Italia's website Dell studio 1737 battery

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utorak, 24.09.2013.

The Creative combination of fridge and containers

Today we are all obsessed with storage in the refrigerator, but this is not always the best option to keep the food fresh ... especially fruits and vegetables. Some are best kept in a slightly warmer and wetter ... and it is the system Oltu. With its own refrigerator heating clay pots are kept at the ideal temperature and humidity for the needs of different foods.

The combination of containers and refrigerated a new system, sustainable support for a variety of vegetables and fruits. The refrigerator generates heat which is distributed through the openings in the lid. This affects all three clay pots in the center of the design. The containers are four compartments, where vegetables, all required temperature. These vegetables are then hydrated with moisture evaporation from the lower container produced.

The containers are positioned so that the heat affects each create differently at different temperatures in different chambers. The two containers are arranged in the cold rear side while the front side is in a warm environment. Inside the container in dry cold metal food is cooled, but not by moisture. All containers have external openings for breathing and each easily accessible to the user.

Designer: Fabio Molinas Dell inspiron 15 battery

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nedjelja, 08.09.2013.

Micro portable Commuter Bike

The project of a shot was designed to complement other methods of public transportation. The compact design is transformed from a bicycle belt full set in a compact, vertical easily on buses, trains or other areas easily accessible storage. From tourists to discover new places, regular travelers on their way to work, is a versatile system to extend the reach of public transport for a variety of users.

Designer: Valentina Vecchia, Marilena Alberga, HP MU06

Via :

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petak, 06.09.2013.

Organized Floral Arrangements Produce Rainbows of Color

In this series, titled The Garden Collection, Emily Blincoe photographer creates unique floral arrangements with a creative touch. Recently enjoyed his series of sugar and now she has properly applied its technology to a variety of flowers. Each photo has compositions full of flowers, leaves and stems organized in clay arranged. In contrast to the same dark background, the plants and the flowers appear in clusters as vivid colors.

With a methodical side Blincoe creates visually stunning work that shows the natural beauty of certain objects. When working with plants in this series, she was able to identify a symmetrical arrangement found in complex shapes and patterns in nature. His captivating designs transform ordinary flowers core elements of complex systems and offers its viewers the opportunity of the wonderful details that are all around us every day to inspect. Together produce the images a rainbow of flowers to brighten any day!

Emily Blincoe's website HP 4320s battery


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četvrtak, 25.07.2013.

Young Girl's Adorable Kiss Me Please Project

You may recognize the little girl in these photos as the younger daughter of Nagano Toyokazu, a photographer we featured here over two years ago. Lucky for us, the Japanese photographer has continued snapping adorable photos of his family, even expanding upon one particular series he calls the Kiss Me Please Project. In it, four-year-old Kanna shows us that some of life's most complicated matters of the heart can be solved by a simple, silly kiss.

As father Toyakazu tells us, "Whether it is a fight between a couple, countries, and people, it is quite possible that everything can be solved with a simple kiss. With this in mind, my second daughter is expressing this idea by kissing different people and things. This project is to show that love can be spread and shared among the people. We hope that it would bring peace to the world.

If you can't get enough of cute little Kanna, you can see a lot more of this mini movie-star-to-be

[Via : Nagano Toyokazu on Flickr PA3817U-1BRS]

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srijeda, 24.07.2013.

Apple iPhone 6 revolution new design

The new Apple commercial has drawn a lot of flack for its insensitive portrayal of interaction between people and its products. For a twisted moment, the focus has shifted from the human experience to the gadget experience. The disconnect of emotions is creepy and alarming! Close on heels is the news that a new iPhone may be out in September, so till that time let’s absorb this new take on the Jesus-phone! Apple iPhone 6, Really!

Designer: Pritesh Chavan

As soon as iOS 7 is done, Apple will then start sending out invites to its next big event to officially debut the new operating system, along with other products like the new iPod Touch and possibly the new iPhone.

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