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Hispanic Digital Media: General Mills, Univision Renew #39;Rica#39; Pact

Hispanic Digital Media: General Mills, Univision Renew #39;Rica#39; Pact

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Univision Communications is finally rushing to address the shortage of Spanish-language video.

Regardless of language, English or Spanish, several major market television stations belonging to Univision Communications Inc. posted first or second place finishes during important dayparts for the entire August measurement period, ...

New Univision Networks president embodies futureMIAMI — When Cesar Conde walks into a room, his youthful looks and earnest countenance have at times led people to confuse the trim executive with an intern.

Ever since she had her baby earlier in the year I haven#t seen or heard much from Univision hottie Bárbara Bermudo but here she is from yesterday with the very revealing top. The middle button is undone, it really would#ve been ...

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