LadyAvalanche in Ribbons


This town

We donít match.

I decided to move
But it want let me
I am married to itís streets
It dresses me strange
Everything here is a trouble
Days are endless
Iím bored and tired
Oh, it moves me

I try to leave
It follows me in a river
I am lonely
It hugs me in the morning mist

When I sleep
I dream of freedom

We donít match
But here I am
Guess I canít divorce this town.

Not much

Itís not much of days
Iím getting on
Iím just getting by
It seems itís been too long,
It doesnít really matter why..
Now, Iíve lifted the roofs in a search of truth
Iíve lied, Iíve laid I loved!

Nothing worked for us.

Getting on the nights..
I get on an old train that still drives by..
.. some streets are not mine no more
We seem to have managed
To own a very little of those

Getting on the night
I get on a plane
I taste women, whisky, wine ..
all younger than myself
I get off to get by
and never seem to catch sense..

So I am getting on each night
And each night I get off
Still nothing seems to work but
gettingí high on an idea
that the ideas you can not take with you
and in the end I am not alone.

Lady Autumn

The Summer sleeps
It Ďs gone in all itís tone
It fades to dream.

A leaf by leaf..,
A raindrop,
A cold, cold wind swings..

Hush! Itís here!
Itís Autumn breeze.
Itís the wings of Autumn,
The Winterís mistress
She cries for piece.

In an early night,
In an early morning,
She gives birth in thousand colors,
Sheís a mother, she is calling,
Let her come in!

As the Summer sleeps..
And the Spring yet dreams of being wake,
The Autumn screams
In call of Winterís fame!

I stick to the wind

I tried to love
It tasted strange
All were strangers
I was never there

The miracles donít work for me
The miles donít do me favors
Guitars are whores and the wine donít love me

So I stick to the wind
For itís louder than me
We sing together, we swing the same ways
Wind understands me better than love
Wind forgives me, and I forgive the wind.

I have no home

Itís my choice to leave you
I find myself more worthy
My thoughts, my choice
Who says we have to be happy ?

I am sore, I have no home
I donít have you and I donít have him
I am empty as a botlle on a Sunday morning floor
And am full to the top that lost itís cap
I am a fool, why blame me?

Just go trough that door
And forget me
Iíll just stick to the floor
It seem to fit me



Oh, look! my hands are covered in colors
the paint is now all over the walls..
i like the picture, what do you know
for i have never been much of a painter at all..
just look there's something of u in it
in the begging it wasn't meant to be you
just look those valleys beneath us
as we are starting to fall..
there, look! my eyes are followed
by white..i painted the lipstick
but not on my mouth..
and it all just looks so funny it seems
like we are ending..when i wanted us to begin.
my God I did to many fingers
is that my leg i set 'em on?
oh, it wasn't my intention to play with u no, no!
and the water, where did that come from?
can u please just stop smiling
man it looks like we are drowning
when all i wanted is for us to fly..
ok, i'll do that wings i promise, allright?
if u promise i join the ride..
allong with birds i let on this sky..
the sun is ten times bigger..
now we don't see the moon
i told u about that yellow..
i said it's all to soon..
but, man! just look at us there
we're just multicolored
noone can see us from here
and we can sleep for hours..
i'll be u're rainbow and u can be mine..
i'll add a bit of blue behind your eyes.
so..u rest on clouds..
go..go on..i belive you're eyes are tired
but now u can stop bitchin'
i'll make you sandwich, some good coffee..
and let u do the kitchen ;)

CoPyRighT: bY LadyAvalanche / 2007.



I married a man I tooked his hand
I drinked, I eat his and hers
swalloved his first breath.
I followed his paths, I did my math
but man was no good..
the man was trouble..the trouble went double
and so did I..
His hands went hard and eyes ..
eyes had vision and vision went twice..
we called it love by his instructions
a mix of hate and bad seduction..
misspelled words and some hard slang
guess we knew better by then..
but hey...

I know what to do..
I used to do it right..
somehow, somewhere..sometimes..
everything but now...

I called him mine..
I don't no more..
we called it love...
he called me whore..
I never mention no L words again..
he doesn't mind he can't hear me anyways
his legs went hard as well
I don't mind I stopped following his paths..
he stopped seeing twice..
since I cut his vision out

I know what to do..
I used to do it right..
somehow, somewhere..sometimes..
And I did it now..
Was it an eye for an eye,
or was it love's dark side..?
guees I forgotted my manners
the day I've lost mind.

CoPyRighT: bY LadyAvalanche / 2007.


~The Painter's Death~

In an old shadow
on the old doorway
words are new
to Devil's due...
with blunt eye
inanimate corpse
hung over a hook
of lost hopes...
in burning flames of fire
and clouds of fume...
with one tick of a clock
he killed whatever he
belonged in livelihood!
Just one painting's still
hangin on a wall...
with garbled shapes
of his point of view...

CoPyRiGht: bY LadyAvalanche / 2007.


i feel ready to show my skin
now i have litlle paintings over
comin' from within
i have colors in true bloom
litlle rainbows just for you...


for i may just for a while close my eyes
for a while just not be here
and those silent sounds u hear
will come out as i breathe..
just follow ..


The Purple shines and U carry on..

well u can't just let the legs Run
and u can't just slam the Door
confrontation's right behind u
sooner all later u have to Fall..

the Purple shines and u carry on..
the left-behindes rest tired on your Palms
and your Hands betraid you..
love u're on the Run..
and the Way they grade u..
U left u're self behind
and now you Wish to be the One
when noone else want's you..
And you found those Trees
u wished to Breathe with..
and yours steps were left in Sand...
but babe u've set the sun off..
and u sent for Clouds..
just to ask for Rain..
for those cold Winds to come runnin'
Just on your beheaf..

but u can't just let the Legs run
and u can't just Slam the door
Confrontation's right behind u
sooner all later u have to Fall..

as the Purple shines and u carry on..
the Purple shines and u carry on...
as the Purple shines....

CoPyRigHt: bY LadyAvalanche / 2007



and now her fingers are acheing for u
and now she screams for hug
her dress all dirty
white losses in filthy
and eyes are swallen
now,how could u?

someone forgot to say her name
and now she won't be remembered by it
someone killed her smile
oh,someone forgot all right!

she sits and screams
she hurts and she bleeds
and the dark is drowning her
her fingers are thin
her cheeks are pale
thy legs forgot to walk
now how did u forgot
the little miss blue?

oh now she knows and she's comin for u
and her crown is no more shiny
and she knows now how to walk
her lips are moving to sware on u
the day has come,
she smiles and she comes
the litlle miss of talents
got some new skills to share
and all u that forgot
come and remember if u dare...

bY: LadyAvalanche/2007



wooden temples
behind my scars
ion eyes streched to stars
bare the view
behind the bars
ten thousand times
been from water
straight to skies
been down below
to mellow stone
tasted dreams of sillicone
trashed the vaste of nevermore
and fell into a trap of i don't knows
five more times for who knows what
i questioned themes of being one...
of dreams
count to three
come to me
don't go to him
to where u've been
clap u're hands
say u'll stay
we'll talk all day
so what u say?
is it tea?
caffein bliss
while i count to 6
red hot wine
till u spell nine..
what is it then?
on sleep mode!!!
as I count to ten...
i'm sure u will
choose the right hand
as i spill...and maybe
then i'll reveal
wooden temples
behind my scars
one blocked view
behind the bars...
five more times for who knows what
i questioned themes of being one...

CoPyRiGht : bY LadyAvalanche / 2007



Can u feel it? it's gettin closer...
spookin' on us in fog and coldness..
just few hours away..till this yr's burdon
will be smaller...
hale! a brand new start!!!
what tommorro brings?
maybe this year we all be smart..
is it success they sell in those lists?
a brave new world without fear

New Year,New Year!!!

So why not all march together
troughout smogs,and snows
suns and colds?
why not all be just as one?
yea,we can do it for a few hours
we can all hold eachother dear
and wear those precious smiles..

New Year,New Year!!!

Celebrate merily,get stuffed and drunk
forget this year's mistakes,
call our loving ones..
Can u feel it? it's gettin closer...
spookin' on us in fog and coldness..
just few hours away..this yr's almost over
let's be beautiful,let's be nice!!!
'cause the end is gettin near..
and for a moment u can hear how
everything just stops,
so it can all begin in a...

New Year,New Year!!!

CoPyRiGht: bY LadyAvalanche/2006.



what do you know,it's christmas time again
and i ain't lookin very christmas like..
i covered my desktop with christmas lights
yea,nightmare before christmas..
as long as jack and sally don't mind..
radio stations all over the country
offer a sweet delight.. christmas songs,jingels and jokes..
yea right..

something's owfully wrong with this christmas time..
and i only get moved with ol mcgowan..
the presents,the cakes,the turkey's,the tastes..
it's all for sale..aren't we all for sale?
if u're ready to sell that litlle of u that u got left
to the big time commercials..
while somewhere people are lying hungry,
halfway dead..

oh,hale ye spirit..the christmas is here!!!
in a big town there's something
for everyone..
sparkling trees, and dolls..
it can all be yours..
wraped in someone's sweat..
someone who's christmas won't be sucha blast..

something's owfully wrong with this christmas time..
yet we know better 'cause we're blessed
to remember that something long time ago..
when people had time for their loving ones
instead running around store-to store..
and the tables weren't half as nice,
but we didn't mind...
'cause they were all filled with food
not an expensive decors..
back then the familiy warmth had a charmingly price..

CoPyRiGht : bY LadyAvalanche / 2006



A parallel with me ..
my shades,my memories..
long time ago it was
a big house on the hill it was
and many,many greens with many,many trees..
but i tell ya it was less then fairytale...
it was..
but hopes and dreams carried us
and some paths that were to be
they were now long time ago..
back then when everything used to go...
we used to play with natures clay and ground
the days were long,the meals were hot
vineyards and orchards our favorite court
now who wuz ther to blame us kids?
the world was simple,yet life was easy
and everything was set to go..
we were small, but on the inside standing tall
nothing was to hold us down
the future seemed all bright
yeah,everything wuz set to go..
and now that i turn back i can't seem to find
where exactly everything went wrong
and how it comes that all so much
today turned out to be so less
how and why it all became that
nothing goes this days???

CoPyRiGht :bY LadyAvalanche/2006.



now the curtains are really gettin' closer
and those fires beneath you are gettin' smaller
and the cold winds are comin'
and the winter-shades are gettin whiter
and u feel like nowhere..
knowhow..not now..
nobody's one...

while the drinks are gettin hotter
and the doors are closeing
and the trees are all naked
and meals are all the more harder..
and your goals don't seem no more
so near..
the walls look all empty..
and sunday' s are bore..
u feel so lone..
knowhow..not now..
nobody's one..

and it feels good after so long
to start somewhere new on u're own..
it's just that u never thought it's
so hard to be the nobody's one..

CoPyRiGhT : bY LadyAvalanche








/ when everything's been taken care of
and u know your size
you remeber what you saw
and how far u've been
but your stars and milkyways
your cross-star universe and makebeliefs
were nothing more than
come and touch my hands
i'll be the plasters,flasters on your wounds
i'll bite those nails for you
and be the one...
your crash-test doll
riding on fast stars!!!

CoPyRiGhT : bY LadyAvalanche / 2006.



then again..
those lovely voices came to say..
she's here!
she's here to stay!
in feathers!
indemonial colors
interspaces of denial
swept away!!!
she's here!
she's here to stay!
oh,so they say..
in my seventfifth
circle of faith
i stand narrow!
and i dare!!!
to dare u in litlle than less
moments of bliss
in featherness!!!
don't fly away on naked wings
that u left bare..
oh,if u dare to stay..
come nad stay
in feathers!

CopyRight: bY LadyAvalanche / 2006.



something's never change
u breathe and search
those melancolic waste of hands
times enclosed in glass
bites of bad breaths,bullets...
melancolic waste of hands...
slow catches,nightmares
yeah,destroy yourself!
new sunday feasts
and your mother's feeding breasts
oh yeah,a loving home is
like u care...
you melancolic waste of hands..
u've missed u're bus
oh,my god you're gonna be late
up a new day at work is
like you give a shit..
don't say something's are about to change
u dead drunk,damn hungover few days back
but you wanna hang you're self
on those great expectations
that they sell..
yeah,you go fuck yourself!
goddamn wasted
melancolic waste of hands..
good for nothing,feel for pain..
empty closets;now you threw everything..
oh,now u u're new!
and u want come..
those endless moments u've dried out,
but the time is something bad
a wicked bitch asking for payback
and all those hours seem to last again
oh,forever and ever...
with stoned face in the mirror pane..
oh,melancolic waste of hands...
yeah,melancolic waste of hands..
and bad breaths and the silver bullets
running through the space
now,don't u sware on things
u don't belive u're self..
the closure's near..
the cloud's are gone...
let's not lie to ourselves..
there is no more cards up upon your sleeves
yeah,you've gone bad...
u alchocolic...melancolic...
u melancolic waste of hands!

CoPyRiGhT : bY LadyAvalanche / 2006.



there's a diffrence..
i'm sure u know..
between the times that we were given
and the times we stole...
those magic times..
one by one...and than in a role..
the films..the pictures..scenes black cold
stone-dead dried in love
wet distorsions,red diversions
there's a differnce..
i'm sure u know..
the streets we've been..
the concerts,music..everything...
blue-white wind..
rainy mornings,afterpills...
afterever and everafters in our songs...
kill us coffeis,smokes and blowes..
our deserts..meadows..waters..
black colors,empty colors..
shades of white and smoke...
the rivers running,words wide dieing..
wanishing in dope...
try me now..hug me now...
and taste if it is lost...
those magic times..
coming up as one by one and than in a role...
but there's a difference..
i'm sure u know..
as if we've never loved..
eachother and ideas of what if's???
but we were dreamnig..flying..beiing...
just the shadows,loud implosions..of our afterpills..

Copyright : by LadyAvalanche / 2006.



We're mummer and hungover..
U'd like to think we're not!
I'm sorry if i bore u with nicotine and stuff..
I c u in the window glass...
No curtains closed
just daylight through the air..;
Reflection and a silhouette..
U'd like to belive me...u said!
We'll i'm not to Be belived in anyways..
I'm just words and dreams.
The stream that i'm caught in..
U should see me as yourself;
The outline panel for mistakes..
The pins..the labels.. etiquettes..
Don' fall for me...
Don't fall for me..
U might fall on me..
And than we're down..
I've fell..
I'm fallen..
I'm overthrowed and declined..
A lower lover
I'm wasted essence of who we are...
A lower lover........
A lower lover.....
A lower lover...
Forget you ever tasted!!!

CoPyRigHt : by LadyAvalanche / 2006.



"U might wanna change u're style..
U 're words are heavy and u sound hard..
U're a woman and u are a strange kind
It's gonna be tough for u in life
U better give up...u should be nice.."

But u see the thing is I don't care
It's just something that i like and who i am,so...
Bring u're words and make me change 'em..
There's a bit of me in all U chairmen..
Yet the word is yours i see...
But man i own the melody...

"U might let u're hair grow!
Now don't u worry...u'll see it'll be lovely
And your nails don't need to be black...
Real women wear bra's and are sexy ofcourse
U'll see how you will look amazing..
Now let me tell u:
u should never be late at work,
U always lie to your man
So he can understand that u're good,
U listen and obey just everything that he say
And your life would be wonderfull..."

But u see the thing is I don't care
It's just something that i like and who I am,so..-
Bring u're words and make me change 'em..
There's a bit of me in all U chairmen..
Yet the word is yours i see...
But man i own the melody...

What they say is
I might wanna change my style..
My words are heavy and I sound hard..
That i'm a woman of a strange kind
Oh,yeah...It's tough for me in life
I never give up...and am only sometimes nice..

But u see the thing is I don't really give a fuck
The way I am is what i like!!!
Yet the word is yours i see...
But man i own the melody...
Oh,i got that very last smile...
U better be sure...
Someday I'll own the word too..
someday i'll own the word
and laugh at your faces
while u're lookin' at me
from the top of your stupid world!!!

CoPyRigHt : by LadyAvalanche / 2006.



Somedays are like this..
I bow my head and think..
The herbs are today's specialty
Softly..gently over me..
Healing the wounds...
And i feel hollow..
Can u belive?

Somedays are like this...
I don't eat..i drink...
I hardly sleep..and i don't dream
I just am in my serenity
And i feel hollow..
Can u belive?

Somedays are in smoke
And myself looks blury..
My legs are heavy..
I have nicotine walls
Of my rights and wrongs
Before me..
And i feel hollow..
Can u belive?

Somedays i stand naked
In my room..
I paint and picture
The feeling..the beiing
With my fingers
Across the air
Naked and ...
Without hair..
And i feel hollow..
Can u belive?

Somedays are like this..naked and in smoke..
Somedays are like this..naked and in smoke..
Somedays are like this..naked and in smoke..

Somedays could be any days..
really..i don't care..
Somedays i just am...
To Me i give myself..
And in the end i know
I won't feel hollow anymore..
it's just this somedays that i need sometimes..
..naked and in smoke..
..naked and in smoke....

CopyRight : bY LadyAvalanche / 2006.



Don't pull that hint's on me...

U try to tell me
Try to lock me...
Throw away the key...

The stairs are gettin narrow
As i walk away..
U want to hide me..
Want to eat me...
U want everything..

I want coffee,hot and steamy
The long white C. Stick in my hand
A look through the window
To somewhere i don't know yet...

Botlles and batlles...
Drumsticks and mikes..
The voice in my head..
Screaming for what if i might..

U try to tell me
Try to lock me...
Throw away the key...

U kill and suffer...
Sleep and dream..
On white pillows
Of what used to be...
But i have red stains
On my sheets..
Of my bleedings..
Of my dreams...
There's nothing left to give...

U try to tell me
Try to lock me...
Throw away the key...

Don't pull that hints on me...

The sorrows...and the tears...
The fights...the storms...the baggages..
U tried to tell me
Tried to lock me...
Tried to throw away the key...
But u see I am but the fool;
I know the game...
I know the scores...
I've pulled my hint's...

CopyRight : by LadyAvalanche / 2006.

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