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News from Korea

(odsad objavljujem vijesti na engleskom jer mi se ne da prevoditi, a tko ne razumije, žao mi je. btw na slici neke od posljedica protestiranja Južno-korejanaca protiv Japanskih zahtjeva nad nadzirom diskutabilnog otočja između Koreje i Japana)

S.Korea to crack down for sex trades

South Korean police have decided to strengthen a crackdown on the sex trade at bars and massage shops in 24 areas across the country. The National Police Agency plans to begin a nationwide crackdown, organizing special units at each police station to prevent expansion of prostitution, the Korea Times reported Thursday. Police estimate there are 118 places offering sex in Yoksam-dong in southern Seoul, 207 in Somyon in Pusan and 446 in Kuri in Kyonggi Province. The number of brothels in red light districts across the nation has decreased by 38 percent from 1,679, the number before the anti-prostitution law took effect, to 1,043. The number of women engaged in the sex trade has declined by 56 percent from 5,567 to 2,463.

China Will Ask U.S. to Relax Sanctions on N.Korea

The Chinese chief negotiator in six-way talks on North Korea's nuclear program, Wu Dawei, has unveiled plans to travel to the U.S. and ask Washington to relax financial sanctions on North Korea, the Japanese press reported Thursday. “A relaxation of the financial sanctions is a must." Wu said he would sooner or later visit the U.S. and work hard to convince them to change their position. North Korea is boycotting the six-party talks over the sanctions, which the U.S. has imposed because of the North’s alleged currency counterfeiting. The Chinese deputy foreign minister also told Yamasaki he hoped Japan would join him in working to persuade the U.S. on the issue.

Iran Gets First North Korean-Made Missiles

Iran has received its first batch of North Korean-made surface-to-surface missiles that put European countries within firing range, Israel's military intelligence chief said in an interview published Thursday. The BM-25 missiles have a range of 1,550 miles and are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the Haaretz daily reported.

South Korea apologises to Vietnam

South Korea has apologised to Vietnam after a Seoul newspaper published a photograph showing eleven Vietnamese would-be brides kneeling before a Korean suitor. The picture and accompaning article in South Korea's Chosun Daily triggered angry protests from Vietnamese groups in South Korea, who said the newspaper had humiliated Vietnamese women and breached media ethics by failing to blur the women's faces. The AFP news agency reports match-making companies have helped thousands of mainly Chinese, Taiwanese and South Korean men find brides in communist Vietnam.

Korea beckons Indian film-makers

South Korea is wooing Indian film makers to the picturesque locations of the Asian country with more discounts and a promise to share its technical expertise of the already "matured" celluloid industry there. "We have special discounts for film makers, say for accommodation, shooting equipment and other facilities. But what we want to highlight to the Indian producers is that we are keen to share our technological expertise with them," KTO President Jong Min Kim told reporters. The film industry in Korea was "advanced" compared to others and Indian film makers can use the technological advances of the industry there, Kim said. The KTO President said they were "working" towards a five per cent increase of Indian arrivals this year from 58,545 last year and for that South Korea is planning "joint promotions, tactical campaigns and cross promotions".

Korea vs Ghana at Easter Road

Hibernian have confirmed that they will host a World Cup warm-up match between South Korea and Ghana. Dick Advocaat, the former Rangers manager, now in charge of Korea, will bring his side to Easter Road for the clash on Sunday, 4 June. Advocaat is using the Ibrox club's Murray Park for a two-week training camp before travelling to Germany to take on France, Switzerland and Togo in the finals.

President of Korea Ro Mu Hyun to visit Azerbaijan on May 10

President of Korea Ro Mu Hyun will pay a visit to Azerbaijan on May 10, President’s press service has informed APA. During the visit to last three days, discussions will be held on development ways of relations in political, economic and humanitarian fields between the both countries, establishing of interstate economic commission issues will be discussed and as well as documents will be signed. The visit will end on May 12.

Koizumi Says S. Korea, China Will Be Sorry for Snub. Japan's prime minister went on the offensive on Tuesday, saying he believes China and Korea will one day be sorry they refused to hold summits with him, taking issue with his repeated visits to a shrine honoring the war dead including convicted World War II criminals. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi left open the possibility that he will continue to visit Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, where he has persistently worshipped since 2001. The leaders of both Korea and China have been boycotting summits with Koizumi since his last visit to the shrine in October.

S. Korea to take measures against won's sharp rise South Korean officials said Wednesday that the currency authorities prepares to take measures against the country's currency won's sharp rise if necessary. "The won's gain is too fast. We will take appropriate measures, if necessary," Deputy Financial Minister Kim Sung-jin told an interview on a radio program. The exchange rate reached an eight-year high on Monday at 939.80 won to one U.S. dollar. Won has gained more than 6 percent against US dollar during the past four months this year. In 2005, it rose 3 percent against U.S. dollars. Economists are worrying the strong won would bring negative effects to the country's exports.

Investing in Korea still lucrative The Korean equity market is set to continue producing strong returns for those investing in the country, experts have said. With an improving local economy and global economic conditions looking strong, Baring Asset Management believes the prospects for Korean shares are good. "As baby boomers reach their 30s and 40s, the demand for financial assets – and indeed the ability to invest in them – should continue to rise, helping to underpin market valuations. In addition, Korean pensions and other institutional investors are starting to increase their relatively low equity holdings." But these are not the only reasons to be optimistic. "Last year also saw the emergence of a number of well-known Korean brands such as Samsung, LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor onto the global stage. In addition to creating more demand, a strong brand means the company can boost margins and profitability."

Students head to chemistry Olympiad in Korea Four students, from Auckland and Wellington, have been chosen to compete in the 38th International Chemistry Olympiad in Korea from July 2 – 11. They are Joshua Baker, from Newlands College, Wellington, Kuan-Lun Huang and James Park, from Auckland Grammar School, and Richard Stebbing, from Northcote College in Auckland. While in Korea, the four will compete against students from 67 other countries in two exams – a practical and theoretical – each lasting about 5 hours. At last year's Olympiad in Taipei, the New Zealand team won a bronze medal.

S.Korea's KTF ups 2006 capex spending plan on WCDMA South Korea's second-largest mobile operator, has revised its forecast for 2006 capital expenditure up to about 1.2 trillion won ($1.27 billion), its chief executive said on Thursday. The revision was a slight increase from the previous 1.1 trillion won target unveiled in January, reflecting higher investment in WCDMA services.

South Korea, Japan Race to Avert a Clash

Japanese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Shotaro Yachi made a hurried visit to Korea on Friday to resolve the tension caused by the Japanese government’s plan to make a hydrological survey in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) near the Dokdo islets. Japanese and South Korean negotiators raced Thursday to avert a clash over disputed islets as Seoul accused Tokyo of imperialistic ambitions and warned of a possible confrontation at sea. Behind-the-scenes talks on a diplomatic solution came as tensions mounted over a Japanese plan to survey resource-rich waters near the islands, which are occupied by South Korea but claimed by Japan.

Some 20 South Korean gunboats have been dispatched to the area in anticipation of the arrival of Japanese survey ships. The gunboats were scheduled to conduct high seas seizure drills Thursday, but delayed the exercises due to bad weather. In Seoul, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Japanese embassy for talks, while warning of the possibility of a clash. Japan held the "key" to preventing conflict, ministry spokesman Choo Kyu-ho said.

President Roh Moo-hyun accused Tokyo of harboring imperialistic ambitions. Many South Koreans say the basis of Japan's claim is its 1910-45 colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula. "There are some people claiming territorial rights to former colonies that were once acquired through a war of aggression," Roh said in a speech at a breakfast prayer meeting of Christian leaders in Seoul. "We are now in a difficult situation," he said. "Problems cannot be solved just by goodwill." U.S. Remains Neutral on Korea-Japan Dokdo Spat. The United States is withholding comments on rising tensions between Korea and Japan over Japanese designs on Korea’s Dokdo islets, but politicians and media reports there say the U.S. hopes the two countries find a peaceful solution.

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