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  • Resident Evil

    Anarhkrist... originalno sam napisao na engleskom, a izgledalo je ovako:

    ANARCHRIST (a scarecrows dream)

    Shes got ancient, ageless glow in her eyes black, of the colour of the darkest night,
    a strange but still somewhat familiar light
    in the corners where mascara had caught
    my dreams just last night around midnight,
    it is a place where moon shall fall at dawn,
    to die there untill we all get reborn.

    She got love that scares off the sunlight,
    i am stuck in the middle like a scarecrow, burned from inside,
    a field of dreams spread below my trembling knees,
    ground that moves along the heartless rhythm of her breathing deep,
    as she whispers so softly of the hardest things,
    her wishes command the scarecrows's fires within:

    "keep on burning, little scarecrow, just keep on burning, as i smear your ash upon my skin... and dissapear."




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  • easy

    lijepo da si se vratio. sviđa mi se pjesma.


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