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  • glojgel

    za blud da


    05.12.2008. (18:48)    -   -   -   -  

  • xiola bleu

    u srzi kamenom me drzi.


    05.12.2008. (19:25)    -   -   -   -  

  • Leteci mrav

    kamen voli sa kamenom da se druzi! :-)


    05.12.2008. (22:00)    -   -   -   -  

  • numbkee

    ma nemoguće :)


    05.12.2008. (23:04)    -   -   -   -  

  • M

    I like the story of Moses so much I think it should be a separate book all on its own. But the story of Moses is really not paraphrasable because it's so complex. Do you remember why Moses wasn't allowed into the promised land? I even like the idea that he wasn't allowed in because the whole story is about him leading his people to the promised land and in the end he doesn't get to go. But one of the complexities of this Moses story as he's leading his people - sometimes leading, sometimes fighting - through the wilderness into wherever, a stone is following them. The reason Moses couldn't go into the promised land is because he struck that stone. At different times when the Hebrews were in trouble, Moses could go to this stone and say, "Stone, give us some water, we're thirsty". And the stone would give them some water. And God had told him to do that, he said, "You know, whenever you're thirsty, just go to this stone, say 'we need some water'"... So then, over years and years, Moses had had a lot of trouble, and having trouble he had to show to himself as well as to everyone else that God's spirit was with him. So right up at the moment when they were all about to go in they needed some water and Moses said, "Look, I can get water out of this stone". And he went up to the stone and hit it with his stick. I think he got some water anyway, I don't remember, but then when it came time to go into the promised land, God said, "Not you, Moses. Everyone else can go in but you stay here, because I told you, 'Don't hit it with the stick' and you hit it with the stick". Jimmie Durham


    06.12.2008. (15:47)    -   -   -   -  

  • alethea

    @glojgel: gle, imaš pravo! @m. najviše volim priču o mudrim i ludim djevicama.


    07.12.2008. (20:01)    -   -   -   -  

  • caricavrta

    osim ako ti se ne zalijepe na papir. pa ti tamo ostanu kao podsjetnik.


    08.12.2008. (18:06)    -   -   -   -  

  • gawrun

    riječio lete, ali ne kada to očekuješ


    11.12.2008. (23:43)    -   -   -   -  

  • Flight of the Conchords

    smiješno i dobro. Bravo! :)


    25.05.2010. (15:52)    -   -   -   -