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Which is Best, Raking or Mulching My Leaves?

Raking leaves have been a common practice for many home-owners for hundreds of years. Mulching and composting were all but considered by-products of the collected leaves to be used in the vegetable gardens. Today many lawn care experts have found the benefits of mulching the fallen leaves instead of raking them from the grass.

Every year during Fall it becomes a more tiresome chore of raking leaves, so it is a welcome change for lawn care enthusiasts to be told it is better to mulch than use a rake!

Mulching Leaves

Engaging in the less challenging task you need a lawnmower. Any mower is workable. You only have to set the blades higher than you normally would when doing general mowing and run it a few times over the leaves. This motion will chop the leaves into dollar coin size pieces that will simply fall and settle between the blades of grass on your lawn. It is then broken down over time and thus fertilize the soil.

Mulching leaves must be done when there is not a thick covering of leaves on the ground. If you wait that long for dealing with them, after mulching you may have to suck some up from off the grass as it will be too much for breaking down. Just reattach the collecting bag to the mower and run it a few times over the mulched leaves. This will get up as much of the mulch you need. Then, you may use the excess in your flower beds, vegetable garden or throw it In your compost heap. To eliminate having to do this bit of extra work, plan to mulch when there are fewer leaves on the lawn.

The Benefits of Mulching  are:

No need to buy fertilizer
Less work during yard cleaning days
Going “Green” on your lawn

Raking Leaves

The flip side to the above sestion. Raking leaves, though it will help you to exercise, can be a big brother, especially if you have a big yard. A small yard is easier to rake. Raking means having to collect the leaves by hand, bagging them, and ling those heavy bags to deposit in your compost heap, or leaving at the side of the road for trash day. Raking leaves also mean having to do the job in stages. You have to do portions of the yard, bag them and work on another portion until done. With mulching, you do it once and you are, done!


As to the above information, it may help in your decision for your next job of dealing with your Fall leaves. Consider the pros and cons where benefits or lack thereof is concerned. You are the boss of your yard, and whatever you decide I am sure your results will be just as ideal.

Mulching will give you more time to spend relaxing with family, while, raking may indeed become a family event in which you are all involved. This may not be such a bad thing, but, would you not prefer to spend a more relaxing time with family than raking leaves?

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