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    , an efficient anti-impotence drug, is the first version of branded viagra. In very less time glory of its effectiveness become popular worldwide. Very soon it received an approval of the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction that added more to its potentiality. Active component of kamagra is sildenafil citrate, same that its branded version has.
    Erectile dysfunction has become very common problem in men nowadays. treats it very efficiently and raises the sexual potentiality in men by imparting tough and lasting erection. ED occurs due to improper blood supply to the penis. supply the same. It does so by inhibiting production of enzyme PDE-5 (it restricts blood supply) in the body and instead of it secretes cGMP (it enhances blood supply) in the body. It also softens penis muscles and call for blood supply. This way it provides erection. Erection last for about 6 hours. Keep in mind, kamagra just provides erection not sexual desire. Thus, take it only when feel urge for sex.


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