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srijeda, 11.07.2012.

Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Today you can find many companies on the Internet offering 1 hour payday loans, but before applying to such lenders, make sure you understand all cons and pros of payday loans. First of all, keep in mind that payday loans are provided for a short period of time which can differ from one lending company to another, but in most cases is no longer than 4 weeks. Secondly, you should remember that payday loans interest rates are always very high, and you need to repay a loan on time to avoid overpaying.

Another thing to note is that while payday lenders usually do not check credit records and teletrack reports of their clients, they still have some basic requirements to payday loans applicants. As for example, you may be required to be currently employed and to have an active bank account. Moreover, some payday lenders only accept applications from those clients who have savings bank accounts with activated debit cards.

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