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utorak, 10.07.2012.

Direct Payday Lenders Replacing Banks

Ever since I have graduated from high school I have had a dream to be driving that 1960 Chevrolet convertible, the model which Gary the most popular guy in school had. Unfortunately my dream has not come true since the model is not on the market anymore and my financial situation would not allow me in buying a car like that. I once told my dream to a co-worker of mine and every now and then he asks me if my dream is still the same. Last week he came into my office very excited and told me he had just passed by Al's car rental and he saw my dream car. He was so enthusiastic about finding my dream car that he went along and rented it for the day. He also told me that I should look at him like a direct lenders who help finance dreams but in our case it is a loan which must not be paid back.

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