srijeda, 18.11.2009.

Statewide candidates sit down for Hampton Roads interviews....

Statewide candidates sit down for Hampton Roads interviews....

I have COX cable...And most the time I hate cox. I guess I don#t really know where I#m going with this post. COX irritates me because it constantly goes out, I#m always calling tech support, they#ve had to come out to my house a couple ...

Cox Cable needs to be renamed Cox Uckers. #; Woohoo! GIRLS NIGHT! PILLOW FIGHTS! BODY SHOTS!! BOYS! …NPR! #; Vote for Scott#s passive solar home eco-design! Help out a talented architect # The Earth! ...

Ah the joys of high speed internet and “expanded basic cable” (oxymoron??) I spent about 30 minutes yesterday talking to some inane representative at Cox Cable to set up communication with the outside world and reality television. ...

Be on the lookout if you subscribe to Cox Cable, there is a coupon for a Free on demand movie or $5 off your bill. If any of my readers, find any great deals, email me and let me know, and I will share! Thanks, Richard, for the great ...

Has anyone in Gainesville ever called Cox Cable to say you were going to switch to satellite and had them offer you a good deal to stay with them? Just wondering since I am getting ready to up my service for football season from the ...

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