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Metal Hammer » Blog Archive » Rammstein#39;s #39;Pussy#39; Video: For Those ...

Metal Hammer » Blog Archive » Rammstein#39;s #39;Pussy#39; Video: For Those ...

Rammstein#s latest video Non-Skyline/GTR related chat.

German industrial/metal band Rammstein haven#t been too prominent on this side of the Atlantic for quite some time now, but it seems as if the band is shaking up some serious controversy regarding their latest video. ...

Pussy” is the title of the new video from the Berlin, Germany-based industrial metal sextet RAMMSTEIN, which can be viewed at this location. (The.

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Zum Teufel, hör Mal Kumpels, das neue Video von Rammstein ist dar und... it#s quite, eh, slightly more raunchy than usually. xD Unfortunately I can#t embed it but you can watch it here. Uh, if you#re like 10 yrs old or something you ...

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