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Save businesses and residents

What is daylighting?

Before you can understand the savings, you have to understand exactly what daylighting is. Consumers and businesses are turning on more lights every single day. Saving money on energy bills is quickly becoming not only a business necessity, but also an environmental responsibility. By harnessing the natural light from the sun, consumers and businesses can greatly reduce their energy bills, and leave a much smaller footprint in the environment.

Bristolite Daylighting Systems helps provide customers with the most affordable ways to cut down on energy costs by employing skylights that allow more daylight into rooms. The overall benefits of using daylighting accurately are quite impressive. They are missing out on a huge savings opportunity.Bristolite Daylighting Systems brings over 40 years of experience to the table, and they are currently helping customers save millions of dollars every day. The other great advantage is the fact that daylighting is easier on the environment. It all begins by simply turning off the lights and letting natural light come in by using daylighting systems. Daylighting is not a new concept, and it can easily save businesses and residents a lot of money.

Santa Anna, California, March 7th 2012.

Daylighting systems are strategically placed skylights that allow the use of natural light instead of traditional electrical lighting.

Daylighting can also refer to designing rooms and buildings so that they get the most out of natural lighting. These lights are costing billions of dollars each and every year.

With a comprehensive product line that services the commercial, industrial, retail, municipal, and residential markets, Bristolite is helping both businesses, and individuals save money by lowering their electrical costs. Located in Santa Ana, California, Bristolite Daylighting Systems services the entire United States. Daylight is there.

The Big Advantage

The largest advantage to using daylighting is saving money on electrical costs. It is right outside your window, but most people and businesses are not using this light to illuminate their homes

and businesses. These skylights are coated to prevent minimal heat China Led Garden Lights Factory from entering the room. For more information on their products and to find a local representative in your area. In some cases customers can expect to save as much as 35-65% on their electrical costs, but not everyone understands the concept of daylighting and that is something that Bristolite is set to change.

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